4/28/20 – MRFF VICTORY!!! U.S. Army Garrison Redstone Arsenal Removes Proselytizing COVID-19 Video After MRFF Demand

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  1. G

    Another extreme Christian plot bites the dust.

  2. Infidel

    Time someone removes the MRFF website from the web all together.

  3. Mark Sebree


    Why, and by what authority? Just because you do not like the MRFF standing up to the bullies of the Dominionistic and theocratic movement, or yo do not like the MRFF advocating for military personnel who rightly fear addressing superiors about their egregious and illegal behavior is no reason to deny them a forum.

    In fact, to do so would be a violation of the First Amendment’s guarantee’s of Freedom of Speech and Freedom of the Press. After all, the MRFF is not trying to incite illegal activity, armed rebellion or insurrection, or any other form of proscribed activity. They are, in fact, acting at the request of active duty and reserve military personnel or civilians on military bases to hold military personnel, especially officers and senior enlisted, the US law as well as military and DOD regulations.

    Perhaps you can expound on why up think the MRFF should be taken off the internet, and by what legal mechanism it should be done.

  4. David

    Mischievous Rotten F*cking F*ckers?

  5. Mark Sebree


    No, that describes MRFF’s opponents.

  6. Infidel

    “Weinstein doesn’t give a reason why he thinks they can only be “on the chapel pages”. That declaration isn’t supported by any rule, regulation, or law – it’s just how Mikey feels about it. That’s fine. He can feel however he wants. He just doesn’t get the right to demand others feel the same hurt feelings he does.”

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