Army brigade removes chaplains’ Facebook videos on prayer during COVID-19 following complaints

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  1. Mike Berry

    Mikey Weinstein,
    First I’ll call you on what the “Bill of Rights” actually says. Please advise me of where in this amendment that the actual words “separation of church and state” appear in it? The very first word of the amendment actually says “Congress”. With that being pointed out, can you further explain to me how a military chaplain(s) is defined as a legislative body? After your stating to me during our brief conversation on 24 April 2020 that you are a “Constitutional lawyer” by your own admission. If that is true, then by the exact wording of the amendment wouldn’t you then be trampling the very rights of those chaplains you contest? Let us not “add” or “define” this amendment according to how we want to interpret it, but actually take it at “face value” for what is written. Please see below:
    Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.
    Next since we can take this amendment at face value only does that mean a Supreme Court decision can’t be erroneously issued such as the landmark case you stated to me on the phone this morning? But for the sake of argument of that decision then can you please point out to me that if that decision was correct as you stated just how is evolution taught in our public schools under the guise of biology when the truth of it is that it very clearly represents the views of either a agnostic or an atheist?
    I had mentioned to you in our conversation definition number 2 of the word “religion”. That definition defines the word simply as “a belief”. So by that definition should you believe that getting up every morning and drinking a cup of coffee wakes you up, then you would drink coffee “religiously” every morning. With that being said I will ask you have you ever challenged a case against a school board to remove the theory of evolution from their curriculums? If not then why not? Why do you solely concentrate on military chaplains? During your entire time in the Air Force did anybody ever force you to go see a chaplain of any faith? Did they twist your arm and force you to walk into a military chapel and attend a service? I can’t say truthfully, they ever made me do so in my 20 years active duty, or the 11 years of civil service. The role of a chaplain in the military I think is invaluable service provided to our troops of faith. To that I would hope to find you in agreeance. By our phone conversation I think I can safely make that assumption? Also during our conversation you mentioned that your of Jewish descendants. I wouldn’t expect you to seek out the advice of a Catholic chaplain, or a Muslim chaplain, but instead a Jewish chaplain. Unfortunately we both know because of manning constraints that every installation can’t have a chaplain for every known faith or denomination. Nowadays both faiths and denominations are too numerous for that. However the military will encourage it’s members to seek advice from outside sources should a chaplain of their particular faith is not available on the installation. That is left up to the member to a strictly voluntary basis. Mental health facilities are also made available for those not wishing to bring “religion” into it. Per the UCMJ mental health can be ordered while consulting a chaplain remains “voluntary”.
    As for your Jewish descendants do you stray from the Jewish faith? Does this only exist with you or does it go back a few generations in your family? You obviously studied law to become a lawyer so I’ll ask you if you have equally studied the Torah being the first 5 books of the bible? If you haven’t which by your speech patterns during our phone call, I’m assuming you haven’t. Let me further state that I find myself in a peculiar situation being a Gentile explaining to one of Jewish roots the name and nature of your God. The root of Christianity also comes from the Jewish faith. The Jewish God is called Yahweh. The Torah is full of things that relate over to the New Testament. I can only hope that you’ll take the time to study it as fervently as you pursued law. I’ll pray for you that you’ll do that and also that Yahweh will grant you he wisdom to understand it. Both the major and minor prophets of the old testament testify to the truth of God. The nature of the Jewish God is to reunite man to Himself by offering His Son to die for man’s sin. Yahweh will not force you to believe in Him or His Son Yeshua. He prefers we come to Him by our own free will. Whether either you or me believe it we’re going to live for eternity but the choice of where is up to us.
    Now that I’ve stated who is the Jewish God and what His nature is I will ask you if you have knowledge of the exodus out of Egypt or of the Jewish feast cycle contained in Leviticus 23? Do you or have you ever celebrated these holidays? If not then why not? Did you have a falling out with Yahweh at some point in your life or did you just not take any interest in it? There is however also a very credible way to find out if the Torah is true. Take a good hard look at accounts of recorded history outside of the Torah to see if history matches the Torah. Another way is to look at recent archaeology finds. Do they lend credibility to the Torah? If both history and archeology support the Torah then it must be true. I find the evidence there very compelling to say the least.
    The Apostle Paul in the new testament actually was known as Saul before he became a Christian. Saul worked with the San Hedrin to persecute the Christians. He chased them all the way to Damascus seeking to kill them for their beliefs and their testimony which the San Hedrin thought went against the Mosaic Law. Although the chief priests knew the Torah and the prophecies of the old testament prophets they were spiritually blinded to the coming of Jesus or His reason for coming. What is described in the bible as the Revelation is a period of 7 years coming also frequently called the time of Jacob’s trouble. Jacob’s name was changed to Israel by Yahweh. The tribulation period is the time chosen by God to deal with them over their denial of Jesus being the Messiah. Now whether you, me or anybody else chooses to believe this doesn’t mean it’s not factual truth.
    In conclusion, you’re a lawyer … I’m not. I’m just another witness offering testimony for the defense. Right now your in the role of prosecuting the most fascinating, and intriguing case in the history of all mankind. The evidence I have talked about in the last few paragraphs. If I was a lawyer I would object to your line of questioning the testimonies of the defenses witnesses on the grounds of badgering the witnesses (the chaplains). If Yahweh Himself was the presiding judge would He sustain or overrule that objection? Question you have to ask yourself is will you continue to be the prosecutor badgering witnesses or will you after carefully examining all evidence available become a defense attorney? The choice rests with you.
    Mike Berry

  2. Mike Berry

    Mikey Weinstein … I’m still waiting for a response on the above comment.

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