Army chaplains’ prayer videos during coronavirus removed from Facebook after complaints

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  1. Rita LeMay

    Complaints from who? The typical 1%?
    What a shame. Religious freedom for everyone, not just the 1%

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Rita, complaints were made by military personnel who follow the rules and regs.

    Based on your comment you believe you don’t have to follow the law?


  3. Brian Skon

    Grey One – double standards are awesome if they only apply to one side. You know the Christian folks who opposed much of the crap that comes out of Holly Wood and complain about it? It’s often said, if you don’t like it, then don’t watch it. And of course there’s the complaint of censorship and restricting first amendment rights.

    Now – here’s my comment – if they don’t like it, they don’t have to watch it. If the Army, and military in general endorses chaplains, then the chaplains get to post videos of their faith persuasion. Another interesting fact – the constitution calls for not creating a state religion, but the next fact is that it also says the state can’t restrict the free exercise of religion.

    Net is – you want the military to eliminate all chaplains, and that isn’t going to happen.

    I have two kids in the military – and yes, they’re Christians. They have zero problems with folks who believe different than they do. And no one gives my kids grief.

    It’s folks like you that have to stir the pot because your unhappy.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    Brian Skon,

    You do know Hollywood is secular and I was talking about the military, correct?

    Military Chaplains have the right to promote faith on the Chaplains fb page. If any of the prayer videos had been posted in the correct place there wouldn’t be this kerfuffle. Instead they were posted on the main page, giving the appearance that the specific post endorsed that chaplains idea of faith.

    Your conclusion that I want to eliminate all chaplains is based in your need for persecution. All I’m asking from anyone in the military is to follow military Rules and Regulations. How hard is that, amirite?

  5. J. A.

    This censure is not military religious freedom. This is anti-freedom that silences freedom of speech and freedom of religion for buddhists, christians, muslims, athiests, and more. Americans were guaranteed and protected in exercising these freedoms from the founding of our great country until recently. Un-American and very sad.

  6. Grey One talks sass


    If the Chaplains had posted on the Facebook page designated specifically for Chaplains there wouldn’t have been a fuss.

    One of the rights modified by service in the military is the right to say what one wants when they want while in uniform or using ones command designation. To reiterate a person in the military is not the same as a citizen.

    So, what say you about military folk shoving their faith where it does not belong? How exactly are they upholding the Constitution, a document they took an oath to uphold; an oath by the way the chaplains just violated.

    Do oaths mean nothing? If so, doesn’t that negate any and all religious messages?

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