Facebook removes Army chaplains’ prayer videos after complaints from activist group

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  1. David Jones

    I am a Retired Military Service Member; part of my obligation is the protection of the US Constitution. Doesn’t part of the 1st Amendment cover Freedom of Speech & Religion? I respect everyone’s religious view, why not mine or other’s? With the quarantine in effect, sometimes you might want to watch a religious service that you might normally attend. It’s our right, our freedom, our choice! If you don’t want to watch, don’t. It’s called Freedom Of Choice!

  2. Grey One talks sass

    David Jones,

    Obviously you never read the manual. Or the oath you took. Or the Constitution.

    If the Chaplains has placed their videos on the Chaplain page there would have been nothing.

    But the chaplains placed their video on the command page sending the message that their faith and only their faith was endorsed by the government.

    In 1974 the rules were clarified to ensure no one in uniform acting as a representative of the government or military would be allowed to endorse religion. That rule is regularly bent and down right broken by individuals who do not respect their fellow citizens.

    What you fought for is under attack, and it’s not the secularists who are the bad guys. People who want their faith to be the One True Faith are chipping away at the wall between church and state. Which side are you on?

    PS before you answer on the side of Christianity please take a moment to decide which sect, flavor, synod, and interpretation you place on what should be a unifying religion.

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