4/29/20 – Mainline Christian Chaplains Flock to MRFF After Receiving Odious “Coronavirus and Christ” Book from Sr. Chaplain

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  1. Infidel

    First you complain about chaplains posting stuff on regular military installation Facebook pages and say they should only do it on their chaplain pages, fair enough, but now you complain about a chaplain emailing other chaplains a book. That does not violate any military law nor does it violate your so called separation of church and state. Yes, God has in the past and can now and will in the future use pestilence to judge a people or nation. If you remember Mikey your Torah, that is what God sent upon the Egyptians for not obeying the command of God through Moses to let His people go. When God bring His final judgment upon the world, He will unleash a plague there will be no cure for it.
    Yes all homosexuals will be judged for their sins now and in the future.

  2. XaurreauX

    Dear “Infidel,”

    Secularism is for grownups.

  3. Grey One talks sass


    Your condemnation of homosexuality is consistent but sounds like a one note musical – meaning where is your condemnation of people who divorce or commit any other number of sins? According to the book you Infidel worship anyone who has a divorce commits adultery which is covered under the Ten Commandments as ones neighbors spouse. Nope – you save all your rage for anyone who dares to be themselves as it pertains to sexuality or gender.

    Oh, and before you tell me your deity created man and woman only please spare me. Your understanding of science is bases on knowledge gained before anyone understood germs, atoms, electrons, quarks, or gluons. Your book doesn’t mention any of those items either and yet they exist. Perhaps your book needs an update and reboot – just saying. Have you tried to turn it off and on again???

    By the way – Proselytizing by ones superior officer is verboten in the military even within the Chaplain Corp. Sending a book that condemns women as preachers to ones staff which includes females is not only illegal but in total bad taste.

    Christianists – lowering the bar of decency whenever they open their mouth or put words to paper.

  4. Infidel

    Grey One talks sass,
    Divorce or pre-maritial sex or extra marital sex are sins as well as homosexuality, but only God calls homosexuality an abomination, while He never calls divorce that. All sin is forgivable by God but only if one confesses it and repents of it. To repent means to turn the other way like making a 180 degree turn.
    God created science before there were any scientists and in His foreknowledge, he designed there to be only two sexes, male and female as well as male DNA and chromosomes and female DNA and chromosomes. For homosexuals to say they were born that way is to say that God creates abominations. Who do you think created atoms, not scientists, no God did and scientists discovered what God has already created.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Your understanding of the Christian Bible is that of a child, meaning you have not delved into the word play and rumination of language and it’s effect on the meaning in specific passages. Hebrew is hard – interpretation is dependent on the general meaning of the message as a whole. And the Jews do not view homosexuality the same way you Christianists do.

    When faced with an issue I’m not familiar with (did god call homosexuality an abomination?) I do research. And wow, is there a lot of information!

    I fell into a rabbit hole without end. It was fascinating.

    So, to the subject at hand. What I found is the use of two different words – abomination and taboo, the former used by Christianists but not the scholars. Relations between men was considered something other nations practiced and verboten or taboo to Israelites. I’d copy the pertinent texts here but this comment would then be feet and not inches long. As I said, the interplay of language really is fascinating.

    Again, Infidel, you haven’t looked at your holy book with the eyes of an adult. Perhaps you should ‘dive’ in. There are acts your deity states are an abomination but they are more of the seven deadly sins variety, not condemning two people who love each other.

  6. Missionary to Slovenia

    The previous conversation is getting heated with heated terminology, i.e. Christianist.
    As a pastor and theologian, let me make a few comments about the book.
    1. Before you judge the book, read it. Don’t take this website’s word for it. It is short with just over 100 small pages and it does reflect a clear reading of Scripture that most evangelical churches believe (not some minority, extreme, wacky perspective). The audio and ebook are both free: https://www.crossway.org/articles/coronavirus-and-christ-by-john-piper
    2. Books and issues are more complicated than a sound bite or even an article can allow for.
    3. Chapters 6-11 are a complete thought, specifics from the Bible (not his opinion) that answer the question of what God is doing through the corona virus. Two quotes come to mind:
    -Slovenia’s reformer, Primož Trubar wrote in 1562: “The plague is nearing Vienna,
    in Graz people are already said to be dying. God sends his anger and grace on this wicked world, but the world ignores it.”
    -CS Lewis says in “The Problem of Pain”, “God whispers to us in our pleasures, speaks in our conscience, but shouts in our pain: it is His megaphone to rouse a deaf world.”
    *So, instead of attacking this chaplain who, like me, was touched by this timely book, let’s listen, less to one another about our opinions, but to God who gave us the Bible.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    Missionary to Slovenia,

    Using the term Christianist is considered heated? Only in your bubble pastor.

    Here in reality Christianist is defined as:

    * Urban Dictionary: A pastor who calls for the murder of someone whose political beliefs are disagreeable to him (or her) is a Christianist, not a Christian.

    * Wiktionary: Supporting or advocating Christianism. Noun Edit. Christianist (plural Christianists). One who espouses or practices Christianism.

    Those definitions lead to the definition of Christianism at Wikipedia:
    Christianism means particular doctrines of Christianity made into a political system for the pursuit of worldly power, to be distinguished from Christianity in various forms of religious practices of denominations, such as Catholicism, Protestantism, etc.

    As I understand your support for John Piper, you and Infidel are on the same page. You are willing to die to see your flavor of religion established as the one and only religion in the USA.

    You are not a Voice of Authority here. That honor belongs to the Constitution which we all took an oath to defend from terrorists like yourself.

    Now the conversation is heating up. Equality for some is equality for none. Learn to share Missionary to Slovenia, it’s that simple.

  8. Missionary to Slovenia

    Grey One, if I may import terminology, your tone of writing is “preaching to the choir”, using evocative language to affirm those who are already convinced of your position, which may be most folks who would read this. Your response to both Infidel and myself, who took very different lines of argument and very different tones, is the same – condescension, not conversation. I came to the website in the hopes of someone engaging in dialogue, where each side learns something, on an issue of true importance.
    I will take a step in humility; I had never heard the term Christianist before your note. Reading the definitions provided, I stand against Christianists as well. I stand for everyone’s freedom of religion, for equality, for freedom. Most actual Christians would, not the caricature, the straw man, you describe and project on to me. Your slogans like “secularism is for grownups”, “your understanding is that of a child”, “you haven’t looked at your holy book with the eyes of an adult”, “only in your bubble” and “terrorists like yourself” show a posture of condescension, not of dialogue. But yes, perhaps this place for “comments” is not the place for actual dialogue because of the clear position of this site.
    You said I am not an authority here in this forum for freedom of and freedom from religion, and that is true. But you are espousing views on issues of biblical interpretation and theology, and as one who does have a graduate degree in theology, I would say the same to you on issues of what Scripture says; you are not an authority.
    I appeal to anyone else reading this to not be content with stereotypes and sound bites and read John Piper’s book and weigh what it says with Scripture. I don’t know if Grey One will, but perhaps others might, listen.

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