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  1. G

    Another right-wing Christianity plot bites the dust!!!!

  2. SARSU

    I will find the video and post it myself to the garrison FB page and I dare you to have it taken down since I am a private civilian citizen and that would be a violation then of my 1st amendment rights.

  3. SARSU

    Just posted a video about the Last Supper on the Ft. Hamilton FB page.

  4. Grey One talks sass

    SARSU believes they’ve ‘won’ some sort of battle by posting their Christianist propaganda video. They just don’t get it – it’s not the content but who is doing the endorsement which is the issue.

    Private citizens have the right to express their religious beliefs; representatives of the government must remain neutral.

    Of course SARSU gets it wrong, they really are not the sharpest garden tool in the shed.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Well done MRFF. It is to your credit that the commander of Ft Hamilton listened to you and removed the video from their fb home page.

    As you said in your letter, there wouldn’t have been a fuss if the video had been posted to the Chaplains’ page.

    With SARSU as an example it’s difficult to believe someone made a simple mistake. The urge to force everyone to believe the dogma is strong, as is the need to be persecuted. Christianist self-fulfilling prophecies have more curves than a roller coaster.

    Glad it all worked out in the end.

  6. Chris Rodda - MRFF Research Director

    SARSU is totally full of crap about posting a Last Supper video on the Fort Hamilton Facebook page. He’s made bogus claims like this in the past, under one of the many names he has used here. All posts on Fort Hamilton’s Facebook page are from the official Fort Hamilton Facebook admin.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    Huh, a Christianist full of crap!


    (dramatic pause)


    Thank you Chris Rodda for the fact check. I know I didn’t go look. In the future I will check up on SARSU’s inflammatory claims.

    Hey SARSU! Isn’t there a rule in the code of conduct you Christianists want plastered everywhere about bearing false witness? I’m fairly certain there is not an asterisk pointing to an exclusion if one is lying to nonChristians.

    I know – no response. Run little SARSU! Run!

  8. SARSU

    Hey Chris,
    Are you either a homo guy or an ugly lesbo woman. By the way, what University did you get your history degree from? Probably from the B.S. University.

  9. SARSU

    I did post to a Ft. Hamilton Army FB page so I was not bearing false witness. So, are you ready to burn for all eternity for your sins? I hope you don’t, but that is your choice if you do.
    And no, God will not share his heaven with non-believers!

  10. Peter

    SARSU person, “homo guy or ugly lesbo woman” isn’t what I’d expect to hear from one of Christ’s followers, especially during Holy Week! Would appreciate knowing what’s the full name of SARSU? Do you really believe it necessary to force a religious stance on others to find salvation? ✝

  11. Grey One talks sass

    Sigh. The devil is in the details, or so it’s been explained to me many times.

    SARSU said: “ I did post to a Ft. Hamilton Army FB page so I was not bearing false witness.“

    SARSU posted to ‘A’ Ft. Hamilton fb page, not ‘THE’ official Ft Hamilton page, which in legalese is worlds apart.

    Fair Witness – yeah, you lied SARSU. You did your best to dissemble in your comment to us but of course you were caught. You are dealing with folks who understand the meaning of words and more importantly the motivation certain people have for using them.

  12. Grey One talks sass

    Hi Peter,

    I felt your confusion; hopefully my reply will answer a few questions.

    As SARSU has already denounced self identified Christians who don’t believe exactly as SARSU does I feel confident in explaining their idea of Christianity (hint – there is nothing of Jesus’s message in their idea of religion).

    SARSU doesn’t believe in the All Knowing Deity who created them. Instead SARSU and people like them believe in the god they created in their own image who hates the same people they hate. These humans are called Christianists or Christian Nationalists because they ignore the message of Jesus and focus on earthly power – exactly what Jesus said NOT to do.

    SARSU’s reply to Chris is mild in comparison to some of their older comments. Apparently they didn’t appreciate being called out for bearing false witness.

    As you said Peter, it’s not something Jesus would do.

  13. SARSU

    I heard since your book is not selling well, Amazon will be sending it out in place of their toilet paper orders since they are out of stock of that right now. 😂

  14. G

    SARSU, you have any proof that the book is not selling well?

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