Shame on you

How dare you say that we have no right to freedom of speech just because we are in the military, or any other public office.  You should be ashamed of yourself and what you supposedly stand for.  May God find you a heart not made of rock and stone, but one that can be molded into the heart of someone who can see and suffer with the people of this world and find something better to do with your time than to complain because we, who know the truth of this world, are able to invoke our right to free speech and talk to our God as our Lord and Savior and as my best friend.
Peace and God’ blessings,
(name withheld)
Let all that you do, be done in LOVE.
1 Cor. 16;14

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Apr 27, 2020, at 10:43 PM, Mike wrote:

Hi (name withheld),

Apparently you read a tract from Mr. Donohue that has made the rounds and given a number of people a lot of bad information. I’m sorry abut that as it has caused a storm of angry and ill-informed condemnation to come our way.


Mr. Donohue is wrong. He said, for example, that Mikey Weinstein is an “anti-Christian activist.” This is a lie. He said a bunch of other things that are not true. Let me explain the facts to you.


We agree that military personnel have every right to pray. We have no objection to prayer. We object to inappropriate proselytizing. You see, chaplains have a face book page whereon they can do all the praying and lecturing and teaching and enlightening they’d like. But that’s a separate page from that of the unit leader or commanding officer. The commander’s page may not be used to promote one particular belief system over others because doing so amounts to government endorsement of a particular faith and violates the separation of church and state.


The speeches were simply in the wrong place. Some complaints came to us, so we contacted the authorities at the base. They in turn looked at it, saw what was wrong and removed the speeches. No harm, no foul. I don’t know if the speeches were placed on the chaplain’s page where they belonged. I hope  they were.


And I hope this helps you better understand the situation.


Mike Farrell

(MRFF Board of Advisors)


I don’t trust you or your email answer.  We all have freedom of speech and it doesn’t matter where we are, or how we say it, as  long as it doesn’t cause harm to another.  You can take your comments and send to someone else.  I believe that what Mr. Donahue has said is true.  You are a self serving person and your group is not serving the public in a good way. MW is a bigot about anything Christian and especially about the Catholic population.  As for the complaints; I doubt that you got any and that is just a story that you want others to believe.  You need to find better ways to spend your time and find better use for your organization.  
(name withheld)
Let all that you do, be done in LOVE.
1 Cor. 16;14

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell

On Apr 28, 2020, at 10:04 PM, Mike  wrote:


Hi (name withheld),
Well, of course you can believe what you choose. That’s your privilege.
You’re making a false judgment about Mr.Weinstein and apparently it doesn’t bother you as a Catholic to do so.
That’s a different form of Catholicism than I grew up with. I confess it makes me wonder what Jesus would have to say about it, but it’s not mine. That’s yours to live with.
Apparently you’ve chosen to believe that I’m lying to you as well. That’s a little hard to reconcile with your signature messages offering peace, God’s blessings and the admonition to “Let all that you do, be done with LOVE.” But I confess there are many things in this world of belief I don’t understand, so I guess I’ll just have to chalk this one up to having reached out, tried to explain the situation that you had reacted to so mistakenly, and failed to find a way to reach you.
Sorry for having bothered you.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)



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  1. Jon Vander Horn

    You disgust me. What you have done is a direct violation of Freedom of Religion granted to us by the United States Constitution. You took an Oath to defend the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic.

    You by removing the Chaplin videos have become a domestic enemy and you will be taken to court by many, and hopefully soon to follow the Supreme Court. The case will read MRFF vs Citizens of the United States. Or my hope is, since you decided to give your two cents on it Mike Farrell vs the Citizens of the United States.

  2. Old_ColdWar_MP

    Throughout my military career I was placed under constant pressure by command, including unit and brigade chaplains, to conform to their form of spirituality. It was unwelcome.
    I simply wanted to be the best soldier, the best MP, the best leader, that I could be. When I enlisted, the MP motto was “Of the Troops. For the Troops.”
    This meant that, in order for us to effectively police the soldiers under our protection, it required us to always remember that we were also soldiers.
    This instilled a deeply held sense that soldiers deserved respect for who they are, as well as respect for their constitutional rights AND their rights under the UCMJ.
    When I was nearly constantly, and consistently, berated for not attending Chapel, my rights were disregarded by my command. This instilled in me a lasting distrust of them. And while they continued to disrespect me as a person, I continued to give them the respect due to their rank – but found it difficult respect them as a person. Thankfully, I was a professional, and walked the fine line without too many problems.
    When service members today, in similar position to the one I experienced, are not treated with respect, whether for them as people, their faith, their race, their politics, etc., then the seeds of discontent take root and growing like weeds, undermine the “command” and this is, and was, particularly revealing under times of combat or other moments of high-stress.
    Service Members do not relinquish their Constitutional rights when they join – but they do agree to uphold an even stricter set of regulations – the UCMJ – and they swore an oath to do so. This, sometimes, results in the necessity to curb our liberties in a way that may seem too much of a restraint, but our Armed Forces have made proper spaces for exercising our liberties and freedoms… not everything belongs on the page of the Commander.
    An individual’s faith has its place in the military. Let it guide them if that is what they need. But faith only has value to the individual. If they seek it they will find it – it must never be forced upon them – and it must never be cloaked by presentation as an “official” normative by command.
    Kurt Vonnegut once said something to the sort of: If Jesus commanded that we respect one another, rather than love one another, everyone would be his disciple. But because we are incapable of loving one another, there will never be “one unifying faith.”
    So… respect one another and start with respecting those who are marginalized and consider the strength that can wield.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    If the Chaplains has placed the videos on the approved page aka The Chaplains Page there wouldn’t have been this kerfuffle. Instead they placed them on the main or command page, in essence telling everyone that their faith was officially endorsed. Exactly how is that fulfilling ones oath to defend the Constitution?

    It is shocking how supposedly smart people can’t see how the rules were violated, the offending items removed to the correct page thereby putting close to the issue.

    Well, closing the issue until a certain someone lied to their audience to stir the pot. Mr Donahue has lied before, I doubt he will stop lying before he meets his maker who had some very stern words about committing falsehoods. I have a few words for him but they are not polite or nice so I’ll stop.

  4. Infidel

    Oh just wait until you meet your maker, it will not be a pretty sight for sure. He will have some stern words for you.

  5. Grey One talks sass

    Oh, I’m sure to get the Comfy Chair with The Rack (o’ dishes) too for being so sassy. And accurate. And living my life per the code I dedicated my life to when I was young, not grey or particularly spicy.

    Infidel, when you meet your maker and she expresses disappointment in your adherence of dogma instead of the spirit I am certain words will be used. Hopefully she doesn’t use the same scale you’ve used to condemn the rest of us unwashed masses. Could be awkward!

  6. Infidel

    God is neither male or female but Spirit, but God is used in masculine terms in the Hebrew language. He is not disappointed in me sharing the truth that is from His Word which you call dogma.
    There will be no comfy chair for you or any other non believer when you appear before His throne of judgment for your sins committed while alive and you will have no defense available to you at that time and your judgment will be certain, painful and eternal.

  7. Grey One talks sass

    So says you Infidel. I communicate with my maker everyday and we are fine. Who are you to say different?

    Really – who died and left you in charge? I’d like to speak to the manager please!!!!

    (Mutley Heeeheeeeheeeee)

  8. G

    Infidel, if God has already had a plan for us when we were born, then how can we be judged for committing a sin when it was part of God’s will and his plan?

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