‘Read the scriptures’: The US military has been sharing proselytizing sermons on official social media accounts

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  1. Bryan J King

    You need to remove the Religious from your name you are so far from that, after reading your mission statement. Not sure what you pray to but it’s not God, maybe it’s Baul. As for corrupting the use of military to make you sound like you support religion in the Military you do not so stop acting like you do. You need to lose you Tax exempt status.

  2. jimmy morgan

    “God hates all religions” KJV Or “isms”, re: Social-ism, Catholic-ism, Hindu-ism, Athe-ism, Pharisee-ism of the Zionist, 1787 “jews”, frauds, Zion-ism of Satan, the devil of the Pharisees, the 740 AD Zionist, 1776 Illuminati Zionist, “liars, thieves and murderers:, “Sons of the devil”, the ” International Elite”, Anti Christ who worship, obey Lucifer the Serpent. “The Liar”. “The Enemy” “Sons of the devil.” “The synagogue of the devil.” Father of Athe-ism, Satan-ism, Zion-ism, Juda-ism,= 1787 “jews”, – frauds, of Pharisee-ism of the Pharisees who murdered Jesus in 0033 AD. KJV said Jesus. these so called military Chaplains, “sons of the devil”, destined for Eternal Damnation are of the 1776 Illuminati Zionist, Pharisee-1787 jew of Judah-ism, fraud of the :liars, theive4s and murderers” Jesus spoke of in John 8:44, shall spend Eternity in the :Lake of Fire” with the Hi Chef of Hell on his big BBQ Pit. Choose! These military chaplains of the US ARMY of the US CORPORATION, fraud of a Democracy of Corruption, destruction, Chaos and OPC Lawlessness, called CODE, Regs, Statures, etc, of the Liars, thieves and murderers”, Zionist, of “The Liar”, Satan the devil.” They are nothing but Weak Pukes, “bastards”, those” who know not who their father is’, , “sons of Satan, Master over all evil. They are of the self destructive fools “in Satan’s image” who shall burn in hell.

  3. jimmy morgan

    “Jesus is Lord’ king of kings over the “sons of the devil”, John 8:44, “Synagouges of the devil” who hate, lie about, destroy Christianity and murder the “Sons of God’, in the flesh and cannot harm the “Son of God’ in the Holy Spirit. The Born again Christian. God’s Chosen Israelite, Hebrew, Anglo Saxon and God’s Chosen People. Born again Christians. “Sons of God.” No “sons of the devil”, “liars, thieves and murderers”, US Military Chaplians who worship Satan, god of the “sons of the devil”, 560 Pharisees who murdered Christ in 0033 AD, their father, Lucifer the devil shall not enter into the “Presence of God.” Nor shall any person, pagan, heathen, who is not a Son of God. Born again Christian.

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