With blessings from Israel

Hello Mikey,

I truly hope you receive this message personally.

The reason I am writing to you today is to express in a few words the deep love and respect the vast majority of Christians have for Israel and the Jewish people – by the way in case you didn’t know Jews were the 1st Christians and were also responsible for converting the 1st gentiles to the early church –

Anyway given the increasing antisemitism growing throughout the world now; including North America at an alarming rate. I would hope you might see the fallacy of constantly attacking snd undermining the best friends the Jews have anywhere in the world.

Yes Mikey – the Christians.

I of course don’t know if you’ve ever heard of the charitable organization the International Fellowship of Christians and Jews – IFCJ? but it is the largest charity in Israel supporting the most vulnerable and elderly; and also those in countries like Ukraine. Also bringing many Jews back to Israel from countries where they were suffering hatred.

This charity is mainly supported by Christians in the U.S and Canada where I live, in the 100’s of 1000,000’s of $. Like I said the largest charity in Israel by far.

Not trying to exalt Christians Mikey; again just trying to express the deep love Christians have for the Lord’s first love and chosen people the Jews.

So in closing Mikey, I just hope as a Jew you would consider with respect what I’ve written in this email; and understand what it would truly mean if the Christians were marginalized and silenced from any public forum – governmental or otherwise.

Because like I expressed with all sincerity – increasingly the Christians are the only friends the Jews have in this world. So let us love and support one another.

May the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob the Lord and redeemer of Israel and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ make his grace to shine upon you.

With blessings for Israel,
(name withheld)


Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

……..wow??!!….how breathtakingly arrogant, insulting and sanctimonious your putrescent e-mail is to me and mine, (name withheld)….and what a truly blind and ignorant asshole you’d have to be to send this to me…I genuinely pity you…Mikey W.

God bless you Mikey.

I will always love Israel.

This is my last message to you.

(name withheld)


Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

………ohhh, good for you, “(name withheld)”….however, I’m not an Israeli…I have some family there but, you see, I’m what’s called an American….I actually love our Constitution…..you seem to see me as a “Jew” first and a human being second….fish in an aquarium never see the water, jack……you apparently have NO IDEA how super-insulting you come across?!……again, you have my unmitigated pity….”Not trying to exalt Christians Mikey”??!!….BULLSHIT, as that is EXACTLY what you are (poorly) trying to do….I’ve seen it for countless years, sport……stay the hell out of my face….


Response from MRFF Supporter Rabbi Joel Schwartzman

Your e-letter to Mikey Weinstein is little more than theological and political blackmail.  Your logic follows this pattern:
Christians love Israel.  Jews also love Israel.  Weinstein denigrates Christians (your misguided understanding of what the MRFF actually does). If Weinstein continues to attack Christians, Christians will cease loving and contributing to Israel.

If we Jews didn’t have enough trouble already, when someone takes the line that you have and “lovingly” threatens to remove support for something we both share, then the underlying message truly isn’t love, but threatened retaliation steeped in an arrogant from of hatred.

But let’s begin with your take on the MRFF.  The MRFF (Military Religious Freedom Foundation) is dedicated to the protection of religious rights under the Constitution of the United States.  The MRFF defends those who would be bullied, blackmailed and threatened by religious zealots in their chain of command, those seeking to impose their brand of religion upon their co-workers and subordinates.

Forcing religious symbols, study groups and religious functions on those who either do not want them or aren’t in any way required to participate in them is a form of religious persecution and stands in violation of the 1st Amendment rights contained within the Constitution which protects citizens, including military and civilian personnel, from religious

In what you have written, you, indeed, are practicing a form of religious coercion, subtle though you may think it to be.

Let me assure you that those who truly love Israel would never attempt to use their love for it as a tool for blackmail, coercion or for pressuring others, especially those who are gainsaying the rights of all Americans to practice their religious beliefs or to practice no religious belief, to be free to work and serve without harassment by their superiors or other service personnel.

I would say that if you were to delve deeply into what has motivated the threatening email that you wrote, you would see that it springs from a form of supersession-ism. My guess is that you believe that not only you but every human being on Earth must be saved through your form of Christianity.  What lengths you would go to achieve this misguided theological goal has historically dripped with the blood of others and now seeps out of your email in what you allege if Mikey and company don’t cease their very legal, very important and
all too necessary activity.

As a rabbi, a retired military chaplain and an Israel loving Jew, I reject your position and the place from which you obviously are coming. In the past, my rejections involved threats to my career, my people and my person.  I had no MRFF to defend me and mine, or to cause my superiors to rethink their acts and words of threat and coercion.  Today The MRFF fills that needs and serves that purpose.  Rather than warn and threaten, you really ought to be celebrating the work of this organization because, in a not so subtle way, it helps to protect you in your beliefs and your ability to practice them, but only when they recognize the rights of others.  Otherwise, you are just one more angry, religious bigot who has utilized “love of Israel” as a weapon to use against ones
you have misunderstood and whom you seek to demonize.  It’s called “blame the Other,” and it is deceptively hateful and malicious.

Rabbi Joel Schwartzman
Chaplain, Colonel (Ret.), USAF



I will always love and support Israel and the Jews: regardless of the hatred some will reward me .
This is my last message to you.

(name withheld)


Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere

On Apr 24, 2020, at 7:38 AM, John Compere  wrote:

(name withheld) –

Apparently, you do not know, cannot comprehend or refuse to recognize the US Constitution (1st Amendment) provides our historic trinity of religious liberties – (1) freedom from government established or endorsed religion, (2) freedom of religion or no religion, & (3) freedom for religion speech. It separates government (which includes the military) from religion & prohibits our secular government from lawfully “respecting” any religion requiring government neutrality regarding religion (neither pro-religion nor anti-religion, but religion-neutral). The Constitution (Article VI) prohibits any religious test for public office separating religion from government. This is known as American separation of church & state & has been American law for over 2 centuries. US Armed Forces regulations also prohibit the secular military from endorsing or promoting a religion. Even Jesus separated religion & government (see Matthew 22:21; Mark 12:17).

For your information, the Military Religious Freedom Foundation is an American non-profit constitutional rights organization (composed of over 80% Christians) dedicated solely to protecting the religious freedom of American military men & women. We have represented over 67,000 military members (95% are Christians), who have requested their American constitutional right to religious freedom be respected & protected. For this pro-bono advocacy, the Foundation has been officially nominated for the Nobel Peace Prize 7 times.

Your self-righteous sectarian statements are morally misdirected & would be more righteously redirected at those who disrespect & disregard the laws & regulations rather than at those of us who respect & request compliance with them.

“When any human group decides they can define God, the outcome is always predictable. The ‘true faith’…must then be forced upon all people.” – John Shelby Spong (Retired Episcopal Bishop, best selling author & renown international lecturer)

Most Sincerely,
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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