5/6/20 – MRFF Continues to Aggressively Support and Defend 22 Christian Chaplain Clients Appalled by “Coronavirus and Christ” Book

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  1. Infidel

    If these so called “Christian” chaplains are appalled then they are not Christians or at least only in their mind they are.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Oh Infidel, you kidder. Telling people how they practice their faith is wrong. Don’t you know there are as many pathways to the light as there are beings but there is only one way (*)

    The One Way is defined by the being practicing it. It’s your path, define it as you will.

  3. Y. Woo

    Dear Mr. Weinstein:
    What Chaplain Moon did is in the name of your foundation: Military “Religious Freedom” foundation. Chaplain Moon shared what was of help to him and offered it as a possible source of help to others. He in no way forced the practice of his religion on others. Where is his religious freedom for what he did or is religious freedom only for those who determine how others should or shouldn’t share and what they can or cannot share?

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