Army Chaplain under fire for sharing John Piper’s book ‘Coronavirus and Christ’

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  1. Infidel

    If I were Chaplain Moon Kim I would tell these other chaplains to grow a pair or time to put on your big girl panties and deal with it or go pound sand.

  2. Grey One talks sass


    How charming.

    So, your advice is to stick to your team? Remind me to never be on any team where you are the leader.

    As I understand the article, the penalty Senior Chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim faces depends on their intent. If they honestly thought the book was so life changing they had to share it, then it’s not so awful.

    That said, Senior Chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim’s own words may prove their intent to proselytize by writing “This book has helped me refocus my sacred calling to my savior Jesus Christ to finish strong. Hopefully this small booklet would help you and your Soldiers, their Families and others who you serve.”

    Senior Chaplain Col. Moon H. Kim Has the right to believe as they wish. He does not have the right to force his beliefs upon anyone – even those he supervises.

    I’ve been around enough Christianists to know better than to take what they say at face value. To them the end justifies the means, even if they have to lie to achieve their ends.

    Unfortunately the most important lesson hasn’t been absorbed – that to use methods one attributes to ones enemy means you yourself become your own enemy.

    Evil never does serve its own purpose. It’s the only thing being good has going for it. Well, that and being really good :).

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