Calls grow for VA to remove Nazi swastikas from department cemeteries

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  1. Blanche Nonken

    Dear sirs and/or madams,


    Erasing history does not change history. It simply makes it easier for people to forget, which increases the danger of a resurgence three or four generations down the line.

    My parents are concentration camp survivors. My mother, Rosalie Wattenberg, used to go to high schools, junior high schools, colleges and universities to tell about her experiences.

    Mom knew the difference between history and hysteria.

    So do I.

    Mom was profoundly traumatized by her experiences, and yet she was still happy to eat at Wheel of Life, her favorite vegan restaurant, who as Buddhists prominently displayed a light-up rotating mandala with a swastika at its center. Mom knew the difference between image and reality.

    These men died as soldiers. They didn’t win, they were POWs, and while I was not in the military I can say, as an American, we as Americans treated them with the same respect we would have wanted to be treated.

    Their gravestones and their remains are part of that history. Let us learn how to treat others, and not be pushed into fearing the images of history.

    I hate that you feel this is the “right” thing to do. Erasing history guarantees that as I emphasized at the beginning, it will come back to haunt you.


    Blanche Wattenberg Nonken
    Fallon, NV

  2. Ernie Wisner

    I am a vet and i honor those i fought. they like me believe in something and right or wrong from my perspective that belief and willingness to die for it is honorable. desecrating the graves is not honorable. our constitution allows us to think and believe as we wish if you truly honor our constitution and call for this it shows exactly that you are not who and what you say you are. I dont like what those men believed in but i will fight every damned one of you and kill if i must to protect those graves from desecration. I made my oathe and that oath never gets rescinded and in order to honor that oath i do not get to pick and choose what parts of the constitution i uphold.

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