cc to all your 3 friends ???

hey dickhead,

Mikey ?…. Mikey ? …. Realy  ???  WTF, a grown up man calling himself Mikey ? Give us all break you fruitcake !

BTW, how is you perverted namesake Harvey doing this days ? Any connections ??

Any chance you call yourself a Rabbi too ? Seems that any other jew is rabbi especially the unwashed, dirty, funny dressed ones from Brooklyn who also bother the normal folks, eat questionable shit, don’t bath and smell. All of you should be send to israel on their dime since you hate America you fuck.

Ein Volk, ein Reich, ein Furher !!!!!!!!!

88 ……  88 …… and one more time just for mikey:  88 !!!!!!!!!!!!

Comment from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein:

The number “88” in the twisted tRump-worshipping world of fundamentalist “Christian Identity” Movement white supremacists refers to the eighth letter of the English alphabet, which is “H”….thus, “88” is meant to convey and  stand for “Heil Hitler”….common in their tortured world….

hey dickhead,

English is not my mother language but can you speak / write the fallowing languages ? Czech Polish, German, Croatian and Russian like myself ? I thought so ….

You can’t be saved, you are money hungry stinky, sneaky jew sooooooooooooo, I rest my case, don’t bother email me another love note, good night, tell your mommy sarah to tuck you in mikey. Hope you dream of train excursion box car trip to ” summer camp “


Response from MRFF Supporter Reverend Joy Bergfalk

On May 27, 2020, at 5:49 PM, Joy Bergfalk  wrote:

My, my, my. and Wow!
So my languages are Spanish, German, French, New Testament Greek and Biblical Hebrew with a little Italian and Swedish thrown in… But what does that matter?
I am very confused. You say that English is not your mother language, which means you probably were not born here. Why would you think, then, that you can come to our country and insult our citizens and advocate for a country and a Fuhrer that our country defeated because of this insanity? My father was in WWII. I have been to Germany, and I saw…I saw.
I lived with a German woman. Devastated and ashamed, she felt. A WWII movie came out which included the “Jewish solution.” After the movie was over, many were totally distraught, wailing in the restroom about what their country had done.
If you have such hatred for who we are, go back to your country. But here, the vast majority of us value every human being regardless of their heritage.
You do not know what a patriot Mikey is:
Military family, Air Force–He, his father, and at least one son, and more family. (My son just retired from the Air Force)
And he was legal counsel in the White House during the presidency of Ronald Reagan.
What have you done for the United States?
I hope you do not consider yourself a Christian–because what you spew is in the spirit of the Anti-christ, of whom Hitler was considered an example. I estimated today that in my lifetime, I have attended church around 65,000 times so I know a little bit about it, with 2 degrees in Bible.
And of all the languages I have learned, I never learned how to swear in any of them. Maybe you could improve your English vocabulary.
Mikey did not ask me to write to you. I chose to on my very own.
You are in my prayers.
Peace to you,
Reverend Joy Bergfalk

” reverend ” bergfalk,
my beef was with weinstein and not you, soooooooooooo, please cease any further contact with me. not interested at all.
You can just tell weinstein [ if you wish ] that I am willing to send him an eye opening and refreshing book called ” Mein Kampf ” by Adolf Hitler. Perhaps next April 20th so we can celebrate the Furher’s birthday. But only if  he wants …
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter Reverend Joy Bergfalk
On Thursday, May 28, 2020, 01:32:01 PM PDT, Joy Bergfalk  wrote:
My. Mikey is my friend. I am a peace-maker. And I think we have all read Mein Kampf.
Your language is abusive and disdainful. I’ve known Mikey for many years.
The “reverend” is not a “reverend. I was ordained in April 1986–34 years ago.
If you serve the “Fuhrer’s birthday, why are you in the United States? That’s not what we are about and it’s not going to happen. If you had a gun and were going to shoot Mikey, I would stand in between the two of you, hoping that maybe you would be smart enough not to shoot a woman who happens to be a Baptist pastor.
I believe that there is a reason for everything someone does, thinks, says, and believes–no an excuse!–and if we do not understand someone’s behavior, it’s because we don’t know enough about their story. So what is your story? What happened to you? I really would be very interested in knowing because I continue to study human behavior. There is a reason why you hate Mikey so, and why you want to attack him. Can you help me understand?
And I will never celebrate Hitler’s birthday. He was against everything I stand for and believe in.
My family is probably “pure,” by your standards! I am supposedly 100% Swedish. But by now, our family now includes people from many, many countries, including Latin American and Africa, and Asian nations as well. My Swedish parents welcomed everyone of them. Even though my mother probably was a fundamentalist, she never hated a single human being, nor did my father, my sister, nor my brothers. I don’t think I have ever said I hate you to anyone and I have not had an easy life by any stretch of the imagination. Our family had our issues, but there was still love.
I actually feel sad for you. All of this must eat at your heart and soul. Wouldn’t you like to be free of that? Negative energy eats those who pursue and perpetuate you. I hope you don’t lose your soul.
And still, I pray!

Dear Reverend,
no need to show me your diploma. I trust you and you seems to be a decent person. All this bruhaha started when I asked weinstein to explain why is he calling for removal of military swastika / Iron Cross from two fallen German soldiers graves buried here in US. I strongly believe that ALL fallen military soldiers from ALL the countries [ even our former enemies ] should rest in peace and their graves  should not be disturbed and let them rest in peace. Even the international law agrees. weinstei disagreed, he FIRST start calling me names and vulgarity, then making fun about my grammar so I replied in kind  even thou I did not meant 90 % of what I said. He tried to hurt me and so I did the same to him.
You said you are interested in human behavior so I open up to you.
I was born and raised in then communist Czechoslovakia [ now Czech Republic ]  our family had 2 small businesses, a butcher shop and leather tanning. The Commies in the 50’s nationalized everything we lost both and my dad died of broken heart when I was 14. Under the communist regime when you were not member of party then you suffer, no higher education, visiting churches [ our family is Roman catholic ] was risky and of course no right to free speech. I went to trade school and became an journeyman Electrician. Then I was drafted to Czech army serving on Czech / West German border. 2 months after my discharge I, and my friend defected to West Germany where we received a political asylum. I spend 2 plus years in Germany and since we collaborated with the American DIA about our military service the spy agency found us a job on the American base  and later they arrange for me to come to the USA. After 5 years living in Chicago I become a naturalized US citizen, my proudest day on planet earth. Still remember casting my 1st vote for President, it was for Ronald Reagan, my all time favorite President. As you see I was and still am a moderate Republican most of my adult life. After 10 years in Chicago we [ my wife and 3 of our children ] move to small town in rural Oregon which remained me of my native country, the mountains, the forests, just beautiful here.  I worked hard all of my life as an Electrician sometimes holding 2 jobs so we can purchase our 1st house. Now I am retired and like 15 years ago  I start studying world history and military conflicts and history of world wars. I have a large library on this subject, a mini war museum displaying military uniforms, weapons [ disactivated ] from all sides of the conflict not just the German ones, photos, artifacts etc. This is my hobby and I also learn a lot.
I know that these days the word Patriot is used a lot but I think I am one and forever will be  greatfull that America welcomed me with open arms as I came as a poor political refugee here.
(name withheld)
PS: Ever thought of getting job with FBI as a hostage negotiator ha,ha. Certainly you have  patience.




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  1. Jeff B

    It never occurs to the Master Race that their ignorance, bigotry, and self-pity reveals the truth: these people are immature, irrational hypocrites who would be without any purpose in life if they didn’t adopt their hateful creed as a focus for their energies. Millions of these idiots aren’t worth one Mikey Weinstein.

  2. Watchman for Zion

    Two questions for the Rev. Joy Bergfalk, have you ever shared your faith with Mikey and secondly, do you believe that Jews need to accept Jesus as their Messiah in order to have eternal life. If the answer is no to both, then you better get out of the ministry all together before the Lord removes you for being an apostate!

  3. Grey One talks sass

    Watchman for Zion – another in a long line of Dominionist fools who believe a size nine brown shoe will fit everyone, any time, any where.

    How Christ like to question how another follows their deity. How in line with what their Lord and Savior taught to spread hatred and vile words of oppression.

    Wow, Watchman for Zion, with all that going for you who wouldn’t want to follow your idea of a deity? (heaviest of snark voices)

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