First Liberty Institute: Religious Liberty Law Firm to Secretary of Defense: Protect Service Members’ Religious Liberty During Pandemic

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  1. Grey One talks sass


    It is apparent you define victory differently than, well, the rest of the world.

    Please educate me as to what cases you believe First Liberty has won. You see, among the circles I travel First Liberty is a joke, a crisis chasing Christianist group of lawyers who loose because they present bias instead of facts.

    As for the MRFF and Mikey, I guess if holding military folk to their oath to defend the Constitution is considered bullying (it’s not) then yeah, they may be a bully. But they aren’t because taking an oath is serious business which means violating that oath is also serious business.

    It’s adult behavior, something you know nothing about Infidel. I eagerly await your outgrowing of your current adolescent behavior and finally take up adulting.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Stupid autocorrect. It’s lose not loose.

  3. G

    Infidel, do you know how many cases Mickey has won compare to First Liberty?

  4. Infidel

    He has not won any court cases compared to First Liberty, because he is not licensed anywhere to practice law at this time.

  5. G

    Weinstein has won several court cases because he is a license to practice law. Where is your proof that he is not licensed to practice law?

  6. Grey One talks sass

    What did you do Infidel that so many of your comments have been erased? My first comment makes no sense now as your inane comment is gone. Could it be you crossed a boundary?

    As for the does he or doesn’t he practice law, it is my understanding that the MRFF has their own set of lawyers. Seems practical to me.

    First Liberty throws a lot of crap but when it’s time to reveal their cards I find they almost always bluff as facts are rarely on their side.

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