Group Threatens to Sue VA over Nazi Symbols in National Veterans Cemeteries

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  1. Netizen James

    I have to disagree with this whole position.
    These were prisoners of war. We SHOULD have attempted to repatriate their bodies back to Germany in the first place (don’t they have family?)
    Barring that, we should treat their bodies with appropriate levels of respect and deference for the beliefs they were fighting for when captured, from a ‘do unto others’ perspective. Regardless of how obnoxious, toxic, and disgusting those beliefs may have been. (similar to the way we should treat the graves of the soldiers of the traitorous losers of the Confederacy, regardless of the fact that they were fighting to own other human beings as chattel.)

    I don’t see this as having any part of MRFF’s mission to protect our right as US Citizens to be free from Government Religion. The government is reflecting the beliefs of the individuals buried under those stones. Just as when Crosses, Stars of David, and Humanist symbols adorn the gravestones of those who chose that affiliation while living. There’s no hint of ‘respecting the establishment of religion’ happening here.


  2. Marshalldoc

    Dear Netizen James,

    ‘Appropriate respect & deference’ would have been either a simple grave marker or headstone with the decedent’s name & date of death. To include a ‘patriotic’ inscription and the Nazi swastika venerating Nazism is beyond respect & deference it is a dishonor the cause for which the majority (likely) of the dead in that (and all U.S. military cemeteries) gave their lives; defeating the Nazi scourge and has nothing whatever in common with inscribing the religious symbols of American servicemen on their headstones (unless you’re sufficiently deranged as to consider Nazism a ‘religion’ and Hitler its saint).

    Those bodies should be disinterred & shipped back to Germany for disposition (cremation comes to mind).

    I agree that the Confederate traitors shouldn’t have had special honors or cemeteries, nor statues, or named buildings, or reliefs carved into mountains, etc. One error doesn’t justify more.

    As to the MRFF’s mission; why don’t you let them define it.

  3. G

    The soldiers of the Confederacy were traitors and still are Infidel.

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