Lawmakers want the VA to remove swastikas from gravestones at two veterans cemeteries

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  1. John Zeigler

    As a Veteran that served in the Air Force during Vietnam I would point out that these grave stones do not honor Hitler, but the soldiers that gave their lives in what they thought was the security of their country, just as those that fought in Vietnam. Quit trying to politicize what was a very sad time in history and let the issue go. The cemetery is there to honor the veterans and what they died for (their allegiance to country), not their political or religious views. Whats next, that Vietnam remove the US Flag from all American graves still there? It makes me really mad when politicians, most of which never served, and supposedly in my behalf and all other Veterans, use events like Memorial Day to promote themselves. You dishonor the very reason that we served with this letter.

  2. Old_ColdWar_MP

    I’d like to try to make two quick points:
    First, to Mr. Zeigler, I appreciate your post on several points. The German soldiers who were POW’s died in captivity on U.S. soil, and this in no manner detracts from the respect that most every soldier deserves and grants another soldier, even one from an enemy force. I’m sure you’ll agree that “regular” forces are those we are speaking of – not the likes of genocidal terrorists killing civilians and destroying soft targets like schools, hospitals, houses of worship and the like. Those are people without any honor and their supporters should be given no quarter.

    I personally have little problem with enemy soldiers being buried along side my brothers and sisters in arms – perhaps even myself some day. It isn’t necessarily an ideal situation, but if they did not commit war crimes, or other crimes against humanity, then I will afford them the benefit of the doubt and we as a nation can provide them an honorable burial.

    I do though take issue with your perception that MRFF is trying to politicize the call to remove/modify/replace those two grave markers bearing a swastika. That symbol, in and of itself, has always been a political symbol – one that has, and continues to this day to be used to rally calls for racism, genocide, and cause to harm.

    I don’t think that there has been any call to remove the “Iron Cross” symbol, only the swastika. The swastika is simply a symbol of hate – and that has no place standing beside any of our fallen troops.

    I hope you can find an opportunity to reconsider your position, consider the meaning of the swastika, and consider the sentiments of the people who suffered and still suffer because of what it symbolized.

  3. Infidel

    How about we just repatriate their bodies back to Germany there and if Germany does not want them then just cremate the remains and dump them out a C-130 over Germany.

  4. Disabled Combat Veteran

    R.I.P. This includes German POWs interned on U.S. soil for over 70 years. We have so many other issues to address rather than this distraction.

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