Resolution of the Veterans Service Organizations of the Commander’s Task Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Minnesota

Resolution of the Veterans Service Organizations
of the Commander’s Task Force,
Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Minnesota

Memorial Day, 2020

“The undersigned veterans service organizations of the Commander’s Task Force of the Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Minnesota support the initiative of the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, and  call for the immediate replacement of headstones of deceased German POWs of World War Two buried in U.S. Veterans Administration cemeteries with headstones that have neither swastikas nor homages to “Der Fuhrer” or the Fatherland.  The cost is approximately $300 per headstone.  The removed headstones must be placed in a museum for study and reflection on the incalculable sacrifices of American and Allied servicemembers in the defeat of Nazi Fascist Germany.

“The swastika is a symbol of racial hatred and a rallying point for violence that are incompatible with the principles set forth in the Declaration of Independence, the Four Freedoms for which American and Allied soldiers fought and died in World War Two, the Nuremberg Principles, and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.  The swastika and the homage to “Der Fuhrer” have no place in a cemetery of America’s honored, hallowed dead.

“In the wake of the Dylann Roof massacres of nine African-Americans in a South Carolina Baptist church, Governor Nikki Haley ordered the removal of the Confederate Flag from the State Capitol.  This flag is a rallying symbol of hate and violence; Governor Haley put an end to its place on the Capitol.

“In 2020, General Berger, Commandant of the U.S. Marine Corps, ordered the removal of the Confederate flag from use in any equipment, flagpole, uniform, or anywhere in the Marine Corps.  General Berger put an end to a practice that was never right and always wrong.

“During NATO operations in Afghanistan, a German Bundeswehr unit had markings that were identical to the Wehrmacht insignia of General Erwin Rommel’s units in North Africa.  Upon objection to this homage to the Third Reich, the Bundeswehr unit changed its insignia.

“The Veterans Administration reply to the Military Religious Freedom Foundation’s demand to remove the monuments follows:

“’VA is aware of three headstones – two at Ft. Sam Houston National Cemetery and one at Ft. Douglas Post Cemetery – that include these symbols.

‘All of the headstones date back to the 1940s, when the Army approved the inscriptions in question. Both Ft. Sam Houston and Ft. Douglas cemeteries were subsequently transferred to the VA’s National Cemetery Administration, in 1973 and 2019, respectively.

‘The National Historic Preservation Act of 1966 assigns stewardship responsibilities to federal agencies, including VA and the Army, to protect historic resources, including those that recognize divisive historical figures or events. For this reason, VA will continue to preserve these headstones, like every past administration has.”

“To the U.S. Veterans Administration, the undersigned Veterans Service Organization of the Commander’s Task Force, Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Minnesota declare, ‘The headstones were wrong on Day 1.  They are wrong today.  They will be wrong tomorrow and the day after.  Secretary Wilkie, tear those headstones down!”

Veterans Service Organizations
of the Commander’s Task Force,
Department of Veterans Affairs, State of Minnesota:

AmVets, Dep’t of Minnesota
Veterans of Foreign Wars, Dep’t of Minnesota
American Legion, Dep’t of Minnesota
Disabled Americans Veterans, Dep’t of Minnesota
Vietnam Veterans of America, Dep’t of Minnesota
Paralyzed Veterans of America, Dep’t of Minnesota
Order of the Purple Heart, Dep’t of Minnesota
Marine Corps League, Dep’t of Minnesota
Jewish War Veterans, Department of Minnesota

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  1. Infidel

    Just dig them up and ship them off to Germany or just cremate them.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Shall we treat you as you wish to treat others Infidel?

    Ya know, for a self professed keeper of all things moral you exhibit only cruelty. Exactly where do you fit in the teachings of a man who told his followers to love one another? Seems to me you Infidel need to do some reflecting.

  3. Robert

    I’m a white paleoconservative male of European American heritage and culture. Knowing what I know now after 25 years of investigating the events of WW2, if this was 1941, I wouldn’t hesitate for a second to join Hitler’s SS and fight against America and it’s filthy communist Jew allies. America was on the wrong side of that war! Any American or European with European ancestry who fought against Germany are traitorous scum who killed millions of their own race for a bunch of filthy anti-white communist Bolshevik Jews. YOU are the ones responsible for the destruction of America and Europe! To hell with all of you!

  4. G

    Robert, it is the conservatives who have destroy Europe and America. The conservatives have been destroying America for the last 40 years plus knocking down left wing movements, labor movements, civil rights movements and any other movements.

    In Europe, you have the right-wing conservatives who have been destroying Europe time and time again until the right-wing monarchies were finally swept out of power after the First and Second World Wars due to their own greed, vanity, and arrogance plus refusing to listen to the common folks and working with left-wing groups to make the necessary political, social, and economic changes that would benefit the entire population and the European continent. Any monarchy left in Europe had to change unless they wanted a revolt on their hands and be forced to leave the country. In Sweden and Norway during the Great Depression, the monarchies, the business leaders, and the right-wing groups realize that they could no longer suppress the common folks and the left-wing political parties and that they needed to share political, social, and economic power.

    Personally, I like German uniforms, and their medal and ribbons. Sometimes I wonder why did we fight the war when 75 years later it was all for nothing considering the fact how backwards America has become compare to Western and Northern Europe.?

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