5/18/20 – Veterans Affairs Despicably Defends Preserving Swastika Headstones In U.S. Military Cemeteries, MRFF Demands Immediate Removal!

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  1. Ryan Murphy

    Don’t you have better things to do than screw with the dead? You are the epitome of pettiness.

  2. Laurel West

    So the men that died fighting for their country should not be allowed the honor of their country? If we continue to erase history we will be bound to repeat it.

  3. K Sheasley

    Military Religious Freedom Foundation. What a joke. Freedom to be just like you? These young men fought for their country, nothing more. They died without ever getting to go home to their wives, their children, their parents. They died on our soil and it is our duty as Americans to treat them with the same dignity we would want our soldiers to be treated with if they died over there. These boys have been dead for almost eighty years. They’re hurting nothing. This is shameful. Let them rest.

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