YouTube removes audio version of “Coronavirus and Christ” for “Violating Community Guidelines.”

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  1. Infidel

    Community Standards my eye. we all know that the liberal media and YouTube are all apart of Operation Mockingbird. They do not like it because they do not like what he says. Sounds like a violation of the First Amendment.

  2. Grey One talks sass


    Who needs an old CIA playbook when Christianists can use their own agencies to achieve similar results (looking at you OAN, Mercer, Sinclair, and Fox).

    As for First Amendment issues, where is the government telling Piper what he can or cannot say?

    What? Because MRFF got involved when a military chaplain handed out copies of the John Piper book to his subordinates?

    That wasn’t about the literature (although the book is all kinds of antiquated awful) and more about military protocol between supervisors and those they supervise. You were part of those discussions. Apparently you did not take notes as many suggested.

    (I guess when you are a binary kind of person it’s hard to look at the myriad shades of grey, ain’t it Infidel)

    As always you have a handful of nothing. Really, you could do better if you just applied yourself.

  3. Grey One talks sass

    PS Infidel, the CIA was outed in the seventies.

    Huh, just about the time the Seven Mountains brouhaha was implemented. If I was the sort to believe in conspiracies I’d say hmmmmmm.

    Would you know if you’ve been manipulated Infidel?

  4. G

    What liberal media, Infidel?

  5. Paul Vesely

    So MRFF hates Christian believers. I get it. Christians helped liberate the German concentration camps. Chaplains gave up life jackets in naval war theaters to allow others to live while they sacrificed their own lives. Chaplains offer comfort and guidance to young military members that need help. There is no separation of church and state, only a law to restrict the government from making laws that restrict religious liberty. These guys are “putzes”. Get a life.

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