6/24/20 – MRFF Endorses “STOP THE HATE” Protest of Walla Walla Police Officer’s Nazi SS Tattoo

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  1. Steve Riggle

    Apparently you have never heard of the very famous rock band KISS. The founder and front man is named Gene Simmons. He is, and always has been, Jewish. You need to take a hard look at their very popular copyrighted logos before you even think about pursuing this outlandish case in Walla Walla. I am reasonably sure we could get this very famous Jew to oppose your childish views. In the meantime, I am going to get a bunch of shirts printed with the KISS logo along with “my aSS” to battle your bullying.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    In an attempt to appear wise and clever Steve Riggle you instead own yourself. Why else would you compare a musician with the Military and by association, the police?

    Add in your anti Semitic dog whistles and I could have won this months Racist Bingo – if I played such a game. I’m Grey One – there are standards to maintain.

    Try again to catch the brass ring of humor kid. Right now you’re just sad.

  3. Steve Riggle

    Not everyone knows enough about history to know about significant symbols. He was innocently trying to honor a fallen comrade with a stylish tattoo. He covers it while at work. It is all you holier-than-thou idiots that have tried to turn it into a social issue. It does not reflect his attitude towards any peoples or races. By the way, even Gene Simmons who is much older and should be more wise and sensitive to things like this, had to change the KISS logo in Germany because of the similarities and the sensitivities of the German population. Get off your high horse.

  4. Billy

    Nat Small should be required to wear a Short Sleeve uniform while on duty, so that the public can identify him as a HATER in the community.

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