6/26/20 – MRFF Supporters Protest Police Officer’s Nazi Tattoo, While Police Chief Defends Department and Obstinately Invokes Christianity

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  1. Patriot 4 God

    God bless this sheriff.

  2. Patriot 4 God

    #BacktheBlue and #BlueLivesMatter

  3. G

    Black Lives Matters and God will send this sheriff to Hades.

  4. Patriot 4 God

    How do you God will send him there? Actually, All Lives Matter, not just blacks.
    The organization Black Lives Matter is a Marxist anti-Semitic organization as stated in their charter.

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    Patriot 4 God

    All lives do not in fact matter until Black lives are no longer lost for the crime of being blessed with melanin.

    If you weren’t a racist POS you’d know that.

    Why do I call you a POS? You cite a claim about BLM without a shred of evidence. All you have is scary word quotes which all SJW’s are supposed to honor, amirite?

    Cops no longer operate in a vacuum, there are cameras everywhere to document their killing spree. I know, I know, not all cops….

    And yet, if the good cops can’t reign in the bad cops then yeah, all cops. It’s a fact – with receipts and everything.

  6. G

    Patriot for God, where is your proof that BLM is a Marxist, anti-Semitic organization? I went to the BLM website and there was no charter about being those two things.

    Well, do you know if the sheriff will be sent to heaven, plus how do you know if the sheriff has been blessed by God? In addition, has any dead person that you know, has returned to you and stated that there is a God and that heaven and hell exist?

    All lives matter. If that was true then why haven’t people gotten along with each other after 6,000 years? Something is wrong when religions have not solved the problem of people getting along with each other.

  7. Patriot 4 God

    Grey One and G,
    You must live in a Utopia world. First of all, here is one article and video that supports the fact that BLM is anti-Israel and antisemitic organziation – https://israelunwired.com/black-lives-matter-is-trying-to-bring-israel-down/

    Here is another article for you to read – https://canadafreepress.com/article/champions-of-violent-cultural-marxism-antifa-and-blm-are-destroying-burning?fbclid=IwAR1_j4QxPETyRQn0Xeacqsb1YUGrkWdZj4FQUMDrZ7IxYebyBB0bfIckT8A

    Here is one more – https://gellerreport.com/2020/06/__trashed-61.html/?fbclid=IwAR2irxvFa4ED4dtOcKcgprkavnampoHCVVL0p38BUP5ppvGhETNz0x3PQ8Y

    BLM attacked and vandalized 5 synagogues in the Fairfax region of LA which is very populate with Orthodox Jews. So please tell they are not antisemitic.

    You cannot paint all cops with a broad brush. I have met and known police officers who are Christians and take their job seriously, willing to put their lives on the line daily for the citizens of their city, and they are regular family men like the rest of society.

    Did you know that more whites are killed by cops that blacks. I do not know where you get this idea that cops are on a killing spree.

    If black lives matter, how come BLM is not in Chicago protesting all the black on black murders or protesting in front of all the Planned Parenthood clinics who kill a lot of black babies all institute by Margaret Sanger.

    So who is the POS you dumb ass.

  8. Grey One Talks Sass

    P4G – I found one synagogue vandalized and honestly can’t fault them for the message even if I disagree with the method. Supporting Palestine doesn’t make a person an anti Semite.

    As for the rest of your links… hmmmm. Who exactly should I believe – the founders of the BLM movement who’ve condemned all violence at the protests or a bunch of racist white folk terrified of being treated as they have treated the Black population?

    There are three terms thrown about as if they are the same – protester, rioter, and looter.

    Protesters gathered as is their First Amendment right against the murder of George Floyd and so many others.

    Rioters came out when the police fired tear gas and rubber bullets into the crowd of peaceful protesters (including the elderly and young).

    Looters took advantage of the protests as multiple camera footage can attest. Many of the looters are members of Proud Boys and the Boogaloo crew.

    Those cops you say are good Christian people who just want to go home to their families are no freaking different than Mr Floyd, Mr Brown, Mr McClain, or Mr Rice. No different except each of my examples can’t go home because the police killed them for the crime of being Black.

    You are a relic P4G, a reminder that racism is alive and thriving in the Christianist church. So glad you will be dead soon.

  9. Patriot 4 God

    A lot of those black thugs got what they deserved by the police except for Floyd. If you attack a police officer they can use lethal force if they feel there life is in danger.
    BLM is a terrorist organization like Antifa and CAIR is and if they show up in my city they will be dead, for we are locked and loaded in my state. Once I buy my gun, it will be loaded with 9mm hollow points for maximum damage.
    Your last comment sounded like a threat. I bet you will kick the bucket before I do.

  10. Patriot 4 God

    Grey One,
    You have no control over when I die, only God does, and there is nothing you can do to hinder or accelerate God’s plan for my life. “No weapon fashioned against shall prosper!”
    My prayer for you is found in Psalm 35: 4-5, 8
    Have a nice eternity in hell!

  11. Grey One Talks Sass

    P4G – no threats, just fact and I never said I would be doing the smiting. Did I touch a nerve?

    By the way, in your comment you claim Antifa is a terrorist organization. You do know Antifa means anti-Fascist or in simple terms the Allies in WW2?

    You are so desperate to be The Voice of Authority that you believe citizens exercising their Rights as protected by the Constitution are enemy combatants worthy only of death.

    Yep, you’re a relic all right. And on the wrong side of history to boot.

  12. Ironmoped

    Oh, let’s see, the bullet wounds in the back are kind of telling dontcha think?
    And hmmm, I can choke him or dig a knee into his neck or maybe even Taser him. “I’m going for the choke hold just to add a little sport to it!”
    Tasering is too easy!
    And straight out of the Police Training manuals: specifically Detainment, section 5, para 1a(2)b: “…Be sure to have the detainee in cuffs behind the back before attempting a knee to the neck! Pay particular attention to firm placement of the knee during this hold so as to avoid any knee injuries that may result from a detainees head movement during execution of this procedure!”

  13. Ironmoped

    Never know, you’re God may wake up one day and decide to take your ass out! He’s a vengeful old fucker so don’t piss him off!
    He’ll even kill your cat too! And four generations of your family members. Please tell me you don’t have any, we’re struggling with the current gene pool!

  14. Ironmoped

    Is the planet you live on flat?
    Just curious.

  15. Ironmoped

    Hey Patriot! Do you hear voices? I got a feeling you ain’t on his A-Team.

  16. Ironmoped

    Patriot, you go Boy! Spoken like a true Crusader! A real warrior for God! Kill them “thugs.!”
    You know your Jewish God would be so proud of you you little Angel of the Lord!
    You might want to diversify a bit though, your God killed a “lot” of people, of all colors, races, religions, even Christians in the great flood!
    Might want to talk with him when he gets back from vacation, see what the latest guidance is.

  17. Joseph

    This organization should probably take ‘freedom’ out of its name. The minute you start trying to silence or ruin people for having symbols or beliefs you disagree with is the moment you spit in the face of the first amendment.

    So, you want half of the 1st while simutaneously telling someone that they can’t have something on their own damned body?

    Its the same reason why I would never support an law to ban flag burning- because the flag literally stands for your rights, and the moment you tell someone they cant desecrate it is the moment that you, yourself have done so.

  18. Grey One Talks Sass

    Joseph, here’s a beer (alcoholic or nonalcoholic, your choice) to go with your pretzel of logic.

    Here is the fault with your argument – you equate Nazis –
    a belief in one superb race and a bunch of other who need to be purged. Totally sucks to be you if you’re not in the In Crowd.
    – with folks of differing views and backgrounds who engage in the social construct called community wherein each citizen commits to live by an agreed upon (voted) set of rules.

    There are some ideologies a society can’t tolerate meaning any system which depends on hate; hmm sounds like the poison Nazis spew.

    You write as if Nazis are a harmless relic from the past. You underestimate a direct threat to the diverse content of We The People. Was that your intent Joseph?

  19. G

    “If you attack a police officer they can use lethal force if they feel there life is in danger.”

    Wrong, Patriot 4 God. Too many cops have used lethal force with no justification at all.

    “BLM is a terrorist organization like Antifa and CAIR is and if they show up in my city they will be dead, for we are locked and loaded in my state. Once I buy my gun, it will be loaded with 9mm hollow points for maximum damage.”

    Where is your proof that BLM, CAIR, and Antifa are terrorist organizations? If they were terrorist organizations, why haven’t they been taken out by now?

    “Your last comment sounded like a threat. I bet you will kick the bucket before I do.”

    You want to bet your life on that? Patriot 4 God?

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