6/5/20 – MRFF Demands Fort Sill Immediately Remove Proselytizing Videos From Command Facebook Page

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  1. Andrew miller

    There is no place for sanctioned proselytizing in the military

  2. rick

    Many >Of YouReligiousSECULAR< military armed forces,,
    They are nothing more than, "Someones" imaginary, invented friend who was crammed down our innocent childrens minds and indoctrinated to believe in this religious bullshit.
    Remove any and all forms of Imaginary religious, religions and Fairytale belief systems and actually believe in, "Reality",, because your imaginary friend won't stop a bullet,, and never will.

  3. Joe

    Well we know there’s air, we dont see it but feel it effects. We know what goes up must come down . Thats gravity.
    You can believe God is a imaginary person i believe he is real. Just cause you dont believe ( which is your right ) . There are others ( like me who believes ) have the right to share.
    Thanks for letting me share.

  4. Watchman for Zion

    Rick, one day you will be face to face one day with this imaginary friend and will be without excuse or defense.

  5. Watchman for Zion

    Mikey has no legal say what the military can or cannot do. He cannot practice law anywhere at this time.

  6. Kelly

    …” Of all the disposition and habits which lead to political prosperity, religion and morality are indispensable supports.” …”And let us with caution indulge the supposition, that morality can be maintained without religion… Reason and experience both forbid us to expect that National morality can prevail in exclusion of religious principal.”- George Washington

  7. Our country was founded on religious freedom. If you don’t believe that’s your choice but don’t try to tell others they cant.

  8. Charles Fletcher

    Correction, your country was built on the premise of your white God. Before you are trespassed on our land there was no religion on our land. You brought this over from Europe and wherever else you trespassers indigenous people came from you came here and cram that down the throats of our Indian children brutalize them rape them beat them separated them from their family and you call that religion. I believe there is a supreme been in my language we call him Maheo. I don’t need a church or religion to talk to him I do that every day of my life. I’m sorry that you feel that the people of color or the indigenous people of this land must believe in your creator.

  9. Danny e

    You don’t have to believe in something you don’t feel. But maybe if you allow it, you will know the truth for yourself.

    Once you feel grace you know.
    Each cell in your body affirms it. Maybe as a child it is just a story, but I now know.

    I truly hope you feel the presence in your lifetime.

  10. Danny e

    Your beliefs are similar to my faith. Religion is man made, spirituality is divine.

    How ppl get to their spirituality is their personal journey. But if you know the creator’s love, wanting to share it in the way you found it isn’t a bad thing.

    Insisting it’s the only way to find it, that is the bad thing. I’m sorry for the evils done in His name.

    Share your path with others. We are moving into a more natural world

  11. Sam Payne

    When the rounds start flying it is about who can you trust on your flank. It won’t be the christian white supremacists I can guarantee that.

  12. Blasted Redeemer

    Hey, “Watchman for Zion”. Looks like Mikey does have a say in the matter. He just did.

    “Watch” and learn!

  13. L Fletcher

    Air: scientifically proven
    Gravity: scientifically proven
    God: scientifically disproven.
    Unknowns: scientifically will be proven.
    Knowledge is religions worst enemy.

  14. Jenco41

    God has never been disproven. Thousands of years and still going. Knowledge is religion. All knowledge came from Him. Over 80% of Israel has not been searched. What has been found of coins and other archaeology finds have names and places that are mentioned in the Bible. Even historians from the Roman and Greeks speak of Jesus. I suggest a study Bible of a translation you prefer. Then actually read it then Bible study with a Pastor. Your area or online. I prefer Calvary Churchs. They teach the Word and not organized religion. God Bless you all. Keep God in everything.

  15. Manny

    So if it’s imaginary then what makes what you’re saying true? Following your chain of thought would say your imaginary, what you’re saying is imaginary so this whole conversation is your imagination…right?

  16. T brown

    Lol the anti gun liberals on your flank most likely will be unarmed when the rounds start flying, but they do have a mean triggered rage mode. Lol that’s a great idea for a cartoon show, a liberal soy boy, army that’s fighting for their cause but they don’t believe in guns or brutality, the hypocrisy would be hilarious.

  17. Eric Miles

    The Catholic Church is not man made. It was instituted by God himself in the form of the second person of the Trinity, Jesus Christ. There is one true religion, Catholic Christianity.

  18. G

    Wrong, Miles, there are about three thousand gods and they are not going away any time soon.

    T. Brown, it is the conservatives who are always in a mean triggered rage mode when you look at all the violence they have caused. You have many liberals who fought in America’s armed conflicts. Don’t think that you conservatives that you were the only ones who fought.

  19. MARE

    Mrs. Betty Bower wasn’t kidding.

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