AIR FORCE TIMES: Air Force Academy’s Association of Graduates apologizes for insensitive comment that angered Chinese-Americans

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  1. Patriot 4 God

    Well think about, Covid-19 did come from China, so Chinese people in a sense are responsible for the pandemic. How as a society did we become so butt hurt and sensitive to the slightest thing?
    What’s next, Japanese people being offended if we say they bombed Pearl Harbor and started the war with us?
    Will Brits become offended if we say they started the American Revolution?

  2. Justine

    Good point. I always say white people are genocidal sociopaths that have literally killed millions for money and they’ve always been pretty cool with the label.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    Patriot 4 God asked “How as a society did we become so butt hurt and sensitive to the slightest thing?”

    I read this question a lot – on social media, in letters to the editor, and asked frequently by the bigots here on MRFF.

    We The People were always sensitive to the bigoted words falling from the mouths of those in power (White, male, and predominantly Christian) but never had an opportunity to do something about them. Bigoted people still can say what they wish, they are no longer free from the consequences of their words.

    That’s the difference.

    I’ll say it again for the Christianists in the back – you have always had the right to say what you want. What’s changed is marginalized people don’t have to accept your crap anymore. With cameras everywhere no one is exempt from the shame of public condemnation, which is as it should be.

    Doesn’t the Christian holy book have some advice on getting along with their neighbors? Pretty sure. Maybe the Christianists can do some remedial reading.

  4. G

    Yeah Patriot 4 God and the Spanish Flu came from the US along with the American companies sending contaminate Whole blood bags filled with HIV throughout the world.

    How in the heck do conservatives (poor and wealthy) get so butt hurt and sensitive to being told that they need to treat all people as equals?

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