Factually-Challenged Ted Cruz Attacks the Military Religious Freedom Foundation

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  1. Watchman for Zion

    Chris Rodda is nothing but a lesbian bit*h.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Watch your mouth you sorry excuse for a human Watchman for Zion.

    I’ve kept quiet because this far you’ve only expressed your deplorable opinion, which is your right. Here you slam another person, one who can run circles around your opinions with facts. And she’s a woman – that has to sting your supersized ego.

    As for the sexual slur, do you have proof Chris prefers females to males? Or are you so eaten with jealousy?

    I’m going to stop with you are sick with jealousy. After all, Chris is a respected researcher and writes in several nationally recognized blogs. She has fame while you Watchman, have an alias and many failed attempts to “get” the MRFF. And most importantly, she is correct.

    Check yourself Watchman. You are about to wreck yourself.

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