Walla Walla officer

Stay out of Walla Walla’s business. We do not need your nonsense threats and lawsuits coming in here and stirring stuff up. Mr. Small’s tattoo is a military tribute to his fallen brother in the scout snipers. Nothing more.

Response from MRFF  Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

That tattoo is a lot more than what you say it is… I can assure you that we will NOT go away on this!!!… We are representing many of your neighbors in Walla Walla from across the broad spectrum of the s
diverse community there… The tattoo is completely and totally wrong… On a multiplicity of critical levels…If it is not changed or removed and the officer is not fired we will file an aggressive Federal lawsuit!!!!…It is our hope that it will not come to that… Mikey Weinstein… Founder and President, Military Religious Freedom Foundation…505-250-7727…

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Martin France

On Jun 11, 2020, at 4:22 PM, Martin France  wrote:
(name withheld), 
As a member of the MRFF’s Advisory Board, I occasionally answer emails for Mikey and the organization–as I’m doing here.  First off, let me say that it is not the MRFF that is “stirring things up.”  The contorversy over the tattoo was already happening and was well-documented in local papers.  I get that Mr Small may have meant his tattoo as a tribute to his fallen comrades and that he MEANS the Germanic Rune “SS” symbol to refer to his time as a Marine Scout Sniper.  I especially understand that because I am the parent of a Marine Infantryman who served for six years, including time on the Presidential Security Detail,  However, symbols, like words have meaning and that meaning can affect perceptions.  In these highly charged days when police activity is being keenly scrutinized (for good reason), it’s fair to say that the perception of some civilians may be affected by the tattoos a police officer displays.  The fact that he places one meaning on the symbol apart from what others see is not the point.  The key factor here is:  “Can the public expect fair and lawful treatment form someone who is DISPLAYING a symbol they perceive as hateful and racist?”  
Let’s do a little experiment.  Let’s say that I personally think that, despite its historical connection to Nazi Germany, I REALLY like the swastika symbol and think it represents love to me and among my family members.  You can use any symbol here, but this is one example.  So, because of my PERSONALLY held belief, I decide to tattoo that swastika on an openly exposed part of my body that’s evident to all around me when I’m in the workplace.  Let’s say I put it on my forehead just below the hairline.  Now, I go to a local deli and apply for a job.  The owner sees the swastika and says, “Nope, I’m sorry but I can’t hire someone to represent my company if they’re sporting a swastika tattoo.”  I think that would be within the owner’s rights, don’t you?  What if, now, I came in for the interview and I wore a beenie that covered the tattoo and I NEVER went to work without that beenie (or some other bandana or hat) to cover it–and no one at work ever saw the tattoo?  I think I’d be okay.  Now, when I took off the beenie, if someone saw the swastika, they might judge (or misjudge) me, but that goes with the territory as an sentient being in today’s world would reasonably think that someone wish a swastika tattoo MIGHT be a Neo-Nazi. And, in that case, his boss could easily fire him, too. But, please remember, Officer Small is not a deli worker–he’s a taxpayer-funded, armed employee who has life and death control in extreme situations over members of his (rather small) community.  In Officer Small’s case, I’d say anyone that doesn’t know the symbol of the Marine Scout Snipers (which is about 99.9% of the US population) would think he had a Nazi SS symbol tattooed on him and was, therefore, a Neo-Nazi, too. That’s a problem. A BIG problem.
In fact, in the military, we have a rule that any potentially offensive tattoos cannot be visible in ANY duty uniform.  So, a Sergeant could get a tattoo of a swastika or naked woman or man somewhere on their body (or anything else), but if you can see it while in uniform, they must cover it up with a bandage or cover.  It doesn’t matter WHAT THAT SYMBOL OR TATTOO MEANS TO YOU.  What matters is how it could be perceived by others and how it might offend or threaten them.  I know this because I once had to enforce this rule and tell an NCO in the AF that his tattoo on his lower leg was inappropriate.  He responded by changing from shorts to long workout pants.  Problem solved–even if I did now judge him as having incredibly bad taste and judgment in getting that tattoo in the first place.  However, had it been a symbol of hate (swastika, KKK hood, or similar), I would’ve reported him to his commander and pressed for either disciplinary action or tattoo removal.  Frankly, on second thought, that’s probably what I should’ve done anyway, because his tattoo was demeaning to women and he didn’t have the judgment to ALWAYS have it covered outside of his residence.
Officer Small is now required to wear long-sleeves, covering his tattoo, whenever he’s working. https://www.union-bulletin.com/news/community-divides-as-some-call-out-officers-tattoo-as-racist/article_a6577073-235e-544f-a38a-d43688af0d19.html
But that’s not good enough.  Why?  Because now EVERYONE knows he has the tattoo and it’s reasonable, regardless of Officer Small’s claims, for those that don’t share a Neo-Nazi perspective, to feel threatened by someone WITH A GUN with “SS” tattooed on their arm. His chief even made a statement with which I agree:  “Unfortunately, a double lightning bolt S also carries with it a horrendous historical connotation from Nazi Germany. That is not the intent or denotation of the tattoo on Officer Small’s arm.”  He goes on to say that “Understanding that some people might incorrectly infer otherwise from the tattoo if it were visible, officer Small wears and has always worn a long-sleeved shirt while on duty.  At the city of Walla Walla and the Walla Walla Police Department, we do not tolerate or condone racism or anti-Semitism of any kind.”  But again, that’s no longer good enough.  Everyone knows now.  The cat is out of the box!  I’ve never met him but, based upon my small bit of info on him, I conclude that he either has gross poor judgement or is a Neo-Nazi or both.  If I was black, Jewish, or just non-Aryan (and I’m non-Aryan, I assure you) then I would feel instantly threatened by Officer Small WHENEVER and HOWEVER I encountered him.  That is a violation of public trust.  Therefore, Officer Small and his chief have to decide, “What means more, serving the public with impartiality and the PROJECTION of impartiality, or a tattoo with symbols that the Marines’ leadership disavowed in 2012 (two years after Small got his tattoo) after similar complaints were made?”  The only way he can really save his job–and the Walla Walla police can save their credibility is for him to have the tattoo removed and then issue a public apology.
Nothing More,
M France
Brigadier General, USAF (Retired)
MRFF Advisory Board

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Jun 11, 2020, at 5:21 PM, Mike  wrote:
Dear (name withheld),
This is America’s business. Unless you haven’t been paying attention, this kind of casual disrespect
for racial and religious integrity and value is an insult to all of us and its day has passed. It has now been
recognized by your countrywomen and men that manhood is not enhanced by rescuing hated symbols
of the past and pretending their legacy of pain and hatred and white supremacy can now be lifted up as
cool signs of some ugly kind of modern-day machismo.
Read this and learn:
Tattoo with SS can’t be overlooked Bradford Riordan, Union Bulletin, Jun 10, 2020
I was born two years after the end of WWII.
For decades the history of the Shutzstaffel (SS) was tied to a very few words in the public consciousness: Genocide, extermination and the Holocaust. If you carried a SS symbol or tattoo in the 1950s and 1960s in the U.S. you probably would have been assaulted sooner or later.
One of collaboration’s definitions is “traitorous cooperation with an enemy.” Times may have changed but word definitions have not.
The SS was the organ in facist Germany for carrying out the logistical orders of the Nazi party. Reichsführer Heinrich Himmler led the SS in rounding up Jews, unwanted minorities, disabled and prisoners of war.
They were then forced into slavery, but most were murdered. The number of victims killed in these categories surpassed 10 million. In the west and metropolitan Eastern Europe the SS employed local law enforcement as collaborators in rounding up these individuals and sending them by train to death camps in neighboring countries.
In the East, Russia and Poland SS squads roamed the countryside going into villages, rounding up Jews, taking them to the outskirts of the village and executing them in mass.
In one photo I saw there are 5,000 Jews in a man-made pit looking up at SS guards with the SS epaulets on their uniform lapels waiting for the end.
In this particular photo there is a young woman in her 20s holding her baby up to the guards hoping they will spare them. They did not.
This is what the SS symbol represents. There is no revisionism allowed, period. The people who overlooked the tattoo on the new hire to our police department probably had grandparents who served in WWII.
Those GIs who opened up the death camps have gone to their graves with the horrid images burned into their memory.
To rationalize this reality is to do what so many did in war: Collaborate with the enemy. This is what that symbol of two lightning bolts represent.
Our police department needs to rethink this issue. That tattoo is not acceptable for a police officer even in a social situation. He needs to have it removed or resign.
Bradford Riordan
Walla Walla




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  1. Fred Cohen

    Thanks for the work you perform for all Americans, defending the persecuted and defending the Constitution. You and your organization are a national treasure.

  2. Sage on the Hudson

    “ Mr. Small’s tattoo is a military tribute to his fallen brother in the scout snipers.”

    Then Small’s “fallen brother” was a Nazi, as is Small. No other possible conclusion can be reached.

  3. Jerald Weslander

    Your selfish and self righteous attitude and actions that you as an organization have chosen to pursue against the Walla Walla Police Department are disgusting and nothing but an ignorant, weak and childish action against a Marine, a man, a husband, a father, a protector of our citizens. You should be ashamed and embarrassed for attacking a man who is a true patriot and has personally sacrificed so much more for this great country then you ever will. Your actions move to destroy and shame one of our nations greatest because of your personal weakness and cowardice to stand in the face of a belligerent enemy of freedom (the false narrative pushed be the media and the left). You and your organization or nothing more then petty sheep incapable of standing for for any true freedom of religion as your name falsely claims.

  4. Watchman for Zion

    I would like to see a Marine scout sniper put a couple full metal jackets in Mikey’s ass, one in each cheek. Then he would have three ass holes.

  5. Edward Low

    Wow! I cannot believe how people seek out a purpose or an imaginary enemy. Anyone that is familiar with the history of scout snipers is aware of the symbolic nature of the bolts. There is obvious no ill intent or hatefulness in his tattoo. Just because some people are over sensitive and lack coping skills, does not mean the MRFF has to immerse itself in this to try and justify their existence. I am more saddened by the ignorance of those that are loudest. I am also even more disappointed by how as a society, we have become so weak that mere words and symbols can cripple us to the point of being unable to function with our day to day activities. More people need to learn coping skills. I wonder how some of you have made it this far in life.

  6. You are absolutely ridiculous. How do you even function with so much ignorance and malice. The scout sniper symbol is just that…..a scout sniper icon. It has zero to do with the BS you are claiming. The sight of your name is very troubling to me. I represents complete ignorance and the weakest of mental coping skills. I demand you change it now or resign from your company and never write opinions articles or blogs again. The mere sight of your name creates outrage and chaos. How can you possibly condone such pure lack of empathy and compassion for those efforts us you offend. How will I go about my day now. You have complete ruined everything…its unbearable. That’s how stupid you are.

  7. G

    Watchman for Zion and Edward Low, in the UK, if you want to join the police force, then you need to remove your tattoos. That is the law. The British have enough problems with some of their cops being racists. There is no need to advertise their racism on their bodies.

  8. I really do support religious freedom and I'm not a shyster.

    First off, your name signifies you and your constituents are somehow working for the good of military members and their religious beliefs. When in fact, your organization is nothing more than a money making scheme designed to siphon money from the government. Now, you have decided to threaten the city of Walla Walla and a Marine veteran police officer. What exactly does this have to do with military religious freedom? You are right, it doesnt. Just like any other shyster, your organization saw an opportunity to make money at another’s expense. Its sad to see people and organizations like yours..saying one thing, yet doing the opposite. So, answer this question..If this was his religion would you now support him? What if he were Jewish, would it mean you would no longer pursue this endeavor? Everyone sees through your shyster bullshit and you should be ashamed.


    The Nazi swastika (which the officers tat is NOT, btw!) offends me too. But so does the Christian cross. Since Christianity was invented 2000 years ago, Christians have killed FAR more people than the Nazis did. So: I think that because I find the cross symbol offensive, someone like Mikey here should take up my cause and start suing to force every Christian to have his or her cross tattoo removed. Sound reasonable? No? I thought not.

  10. G

    Withheld to avoid stoning. Christianity has killed more people than the Communism too.

  11. WB


  12. G

    WB, Yelling on the Internet is not helping your viewpoint.

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