7/20/20 – GOP Congressman Collins Proposes Absurd Amendment to Protect Christians in the Military From MRFF’s Victories!

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  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    More lies from First Liberty Institute whose byline could be Screw the Establishment Clause and the Founding Fathers, We Know Best!

    It is funny in a not funny and absolutely scary way that the lead lawyer for First Liberty whined in the article that the DOD listens to the MRFF and admitted to not knowing why – isn’t the Law something a lawyer for First Liberty should know about? Could it be (heavy snark) that First Liberty isn’t about the rule of law and is instead dedicated to shoving their religion where it doesn’t belong?

    If Doug Collins’ attempt to protect his dogma at the expense of the Constitution makes it to the Senate for a vote it will be imperative for anyone who champions justice to rise up in protest over the 200+ items gathering dust on Moscow Mitch’s desk.

    Silence is compliance. Americans, we are better than this.

  2. Allan Baumann

    People of faith in the military have the freedom to worship pandemic or no pandemic. The First Amendment is not suspended ever even during a pandemic, especially when military personnel can have parties in their own on base residences.
    That is as bad as Der Fuhrer Newsom in CA telling churches they cannot sing, must shut down or not have in home Bible studies, while people can riot or protest or go to Walmart. He is completely violating the First Amendment and should be recalled, arrested or physically dragged out if his office.

  3. Grey One Talks Sass

    I’m not sure what you said Allan Baumann, all I heard was you whining about freedom without a lick of understanding of the concept of responsibility.

    Fine, meet, sing, pass the Peace of Christ and then stand over in the middle of that field for two weeks to see if you get sick. All the data I’ve gathered points to strings of infection coming from (double checks notes) churches.

    Cats out of the bag kid. COVID-19 is not some conspiracy, Jesus does not protect you from getting sick. And oh, it’s been two thousand years, maybe he’s just not that into you.

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