7/9/20 – MRFF Demand, Protest, and Threat of Lawsuit Lead Walla Walla Police Officer to Alter Nazi “SS” Tattoo

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  1. Thomas Mattis

    I posted comment an hour ago. You deleted it. I am not surprised.

  2. John Ryder

    Your group sounds like a bunch of overly righteous bullies. Its not your business to see his tattoo after he alters it. Your articles read like a bunch of psychopathic bully speech..and sound like my toddler crying if he doesnt get his way. Grow up. No one cares what you think. Thats why no one here at my VA has even heard of you. GROW UP. Mind your own business. And go bully some other group because veterans, the majority, dont care what you have to say.

  3. Dan

    Let me preface this with the fact that I am not and never have served in our military but I am the VERY PROUD father of a son who is currently serving our great nation in the
    United StatesNavy.

    Now to the nitty-gritty. You people get to have your opinion and to voice it thanks to the First Amendment and so do I, but the Founding Fathers are definitely rolling over in their graves when you M.R.F.F. idiots start with the damn whining. Yes, whining is what you are doing. State your point, make your arguments and then shut the f*** up. OMG OMG. Yes I said it twice because of your damn whining. I kind of wish yinz were my kids because then you’d have your face buried in the nearest corner of the room and yinz wouldn’t be moving until you shut the f*** up.

  4. Jeremiah

    Really? Yall are threatening actions against this department? That officer as a Marine EARNED whatever tattoo he wants on his body. Your organization is a disgusting stain on our nation. Who the hell do you think you are? Its organizations like you who do spineless ignorant stuff like this to great men and women but then you would turn around and make a career criminal out to be a victim when justice gets their ass. Spineless gutless turds, all of this organization. Thanks for your time

    US Marine and Army combat veteran

  5. Grey One Talks Sass

    I smell White Supremacists and Nazis doing their best to make themselves fit in.

    In the prior comments on this post I found themes of the First Amendment, freedom, and personal choice. Nowhere did I find mention of responsibility, accountability, or empathy, almost as if each were proud of their ignorance.

    Perhaps our commenters have more in common with Officer Small than meets the eye.

  6. Bill Brimer

    If anyone chooses to have an obviously Nazi inspired tattoo, that is their right under the First Amendment

    But the First Amendment does not preclude employers from removing employees from their payroll who not represent the values of the employer.

    He should have been fired. No person hired to “protect and serve” all the people equally in their jurisdiction, displaying any sign sign of racial animace should be wearing a badge. That goes for Nazi and Confederate emblems, tattoos, and patches.

  7. louis k lewczak

    That is not the intent of the tattoo. As a former Marine myself I can fully disagree with your comment. That tattoo was earned and he should be aloud to wear it proudly. But I’m positive you know nothing about that by your response.

  8. Michael

    Oh my the group KISS were Nazis! And Beth I hear you calling was a white supremacy recruiting song ( sarcasm intended)!

  9. Grey One Talks Sass

    Whistle blow! Flag on the comment.

    Michael, please explain to the class and the universe at large your idea of a connection between the US Military and the rock band KISS.

    I’m all ears kid.

    Knock it out of the park.

    While I’m waiting, louis k lewczak, I’d love to hear your rational about intent. Seriously. Waiting.

  10. Allan Baumann

    This was an extreme violation of this police officers First Amendment rights. According to an attorney I talked to, tattoos fall under our First Amendment right of free speech. So, this MRFF is nothing but bullies and have no right to demand that someone give up their First Amendment rights of free speech. MRFF sounds like a Marxist/Communist organization like BLM and Antifa. I understand that Mikey is Jewish, is acting like an OberKapo!
    I call Patriots to arise and take back our Constitutional rights from these liberal vermin and pond scum.

  11. Anthony Fauci

    What a faggy thing to say you sound like a racist cop sympathizer and military bootlicker.

  12. Nights of SS

    Look at the original Kiss logo the S’s in kiss locked like the SS.

  13. Grey One Talks Sass

    To all you First Amendment because that’s all we care about until we don’t criers our there:

    First – pretend you care about others. I know, a hard thing to do but it’s only for a few minutes. Then, imagine you are in trouble and the only cop available is decorated with designs you feel are representative of a group that wants you dead. No other cop is available. You are stuck with the antimatter to your matter.

    Imagine for a moment how they feels. Hundreds of thousands of humans don’t have to imagine because they live it every day.

    Ok – you can breathe. Empathy lesson is over.

    The stylized SS used by the elite Nazi soldiers is not just a symbol. It carries the weight of horrible death, unimaginable cruelty… kind of like what you kids are…. defending.

    Hmmmm – are you sure you all aren’t Nazis in disguise?

    Also, for the human who continues to compare the Military (with all its rules, refs, and adherence to protocol) to the rock band KISS, I bet you still have problems with the game ‘One of these things is not like the other’.

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