7/8/20 – Goodbye Nazi “SS” Tattoo! Walla Walla Police Officer Decides to Alter Nazi “SS” Tattoo After MRFF’s Protest & Publicity

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  1. G

    Patriot 4 God, you lost again.

  2. Jester

    Ok. So help me understand something. This is a group in FAVOR of religious tolerance for all members of all religions? This guy explained what this tat was about and y’all are still suing? So, I looked it up, Nazi-ism was/is still a religion. I don’t agree with what they believe. But, this guy isn’t even a nazi. Some people still think of Christians as the ravaging crusader. Would you be suing if he had a crusader tattoo? Spartan tattoos are popular. Spartans only let healthy boy babies live and started their young training for war at a young age. To pass their basic training they had to assassinate a non-citizen. That’s pretty bad. Even the Old Testament states that the Jewish people were to slaughter all in their way to The Holy Land. Some Satanists believe that “if it feels good, don’t deny it”. Jeffery Dahmer did some truly truly horrible deeds because it felt good to him. I went to BMT with a Wiccan who cursed our DI. That isn’t the same as wholesale slaughter of people like the Jewish people in the Bible or what the Nazis have done or what Crusader Christians did with the absolute full approval of the Pope. Some uninformed Christians believe that all Muslims or Islamists are hateful and plot the downfall of all non-Muslim religions. Some do.
    With all that being said, by reading the news and your reaction…..I don’t guess I see where this is religious and if it was….you care about his freedom.
    I’ve worked in prisons where there are so many hate gangs of all colors. They all state that they aren’t anti-whatever word you wish to insert, they are just pro-whatever they are. They don’t hate, etc. etc…(contradictories there, but for arguments sake, let’s assume they aren’t selling a hog to anyone)
    Would you sue to protect their freedoms to believe what they believe if they thought of it as a religion (I promise some are that deluded) if they didn’t hurt anything but someone’s feelings? If so, has this guy showed any overt tendencies to exterminate the Jewish or any other race? If this has nothing to do with any religion that he is practicing and he is not interfering with anyone practicing their religion in the military….why are you guys suing?
    If it is religious, what religions do you sue over? What religions do you support? Your mission statement reads that you support everyone being able to practice their religion and that is what you defend.
    What does this have to do with the prevention of any service member from practicing their religion.
    There has to be some common sense reason why you are pursuing this so hard that I’m not getting or there is an agenda that you don’t place in your mission statement.
    As I have never heard of you before I would truly love a no B.S., rational explanation of either what I’m failing to see as a rational and logical person or would love to truly know what agenda is not stated clearly on your mission statement.
    People are people. Maybe you felt chivalrous when you sued. Maybe you felt sorry for someone who couldn’t/wouldn’t understand his explanation. Heck, maybe the head cheese there watched this guy kick a puppy and is pretty sure he is a bad guy. I dunno. Again, we are all people and sometimes we aren’t all perfect. A little understanding and a lot of love goes so much further than hatred. Which is what I’m trying to do. Just get a little understanding.
    Sorry for this being so long. I just wanted to show my logic process. Yes, it is somewhat flawed because we know the nazis were a religion of hate. But a religion none the less and one would have to believe that he wouldn’t practice true nazism. And no I don’t believe that all or in fact many inmates told me, the guard, the truth. I did assume the logic this way however based on your mission statement.
    I’m 100% seeking info and clarification and am more than willing to hear out and listen to any information given as long as it’s in the same spirit that it was asked.
    Thank you!


  3. TL;DR

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