Next Steps Walla Walla SS Tattoo

Hey Mikey,

My name is (name withheld), I was at the protest last Wednesday at the Walla Walla Police Department to stand against having a police officer with an SS tattoo in a visible place on his body. I’ve written a letter to the city council and I’ve connected with other who feel the same.

My friends and I would like to help in any way we can.

A group of us have reached out to Small through common connections to see if he would meet with us and allow us to give him some perspective on why we are protesting. Honestly doubt he will bite.

I’m also thinking about gathering signatures from my friends who were afraid to show at the rally due to the color of their skin and their professional status in the community.

Is there anything else we should do?

Thanks again for intervening in this issue. Many of us feel powerless and afraid in the face of this revelation about WWPD and their response. Having you on our side has given us a sense of hope in this situation.

(name withheld)




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  1. Patriot 4 God

    The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals determined a couple years ago that tattoos are protected as free speech under the First Amendment, so there is nothing you can do against this police officer whether you like it or not.

  2. G

    Wrong again Patriot 4 God.

  3. Patriot 4 God
  4. G

    No, Patriot 4 God

    As Tom O pointed out in another article on this website, the ruling says nothing about free speech protection for a specific tattoo on a specific individual.

    Wake up, you sorry face of a donkey’s rear end

  5. Patriot 4 God

    You cannot force anyone to remove or altar anyone’s tattoo just because you do not like it.
    I think I will get a tattoo that says the only good Islamic terrorist is a dead one.
    Then tell me I must remove or altar it!

  6. Grey One Talks Sass

    P4G – It is your right to get a tattoo, but just like free speech, you are not free of the consequences. With the tattoo you suggest in your comment good luck getting a job in the service industry. Many corporations are fussy about ink.

    By the way, I thought you were this almighty Christian who believes the Christian Bible is the inerrant word of God? What are you doing talking about getting a tattoo? Isn’t decorating oneself one of the ‘death by stoning’ rules?

    Oh, I see. You are one of those cherry-picking for thee, and the full weight of the book for me kind of Christianist.


  7. G

    Wrong P4G. In the UK, if you want to join the police force, you need to remove the tattoo. Again, what I had a tattoo about what I really think of the police and show them to the cops? Do you really think that they would support my freedom of speech?

  8. Patriot 4 God

    Grey One,
    The verse about tattoos in the bible was specifically applying to the Israelites under the Mosaic Law, the Jews and Christians today are not bound by the Mosaic Law, we are under the Law of Grace now with the New Covenant. There are many Jews today who have tattoos as well as many Christians, and it is now more a personal decision whether you want to have one or not. I have often considered getting a tattoo, but not the one I mentioned, that was more to get a rise out of you. My tat would be of the Star of David with the wooden cross in the middle of it, signifying I am a Christian Zionist. So no, I am not a hypocrite.

  9. Patriot 4 God

    Why do you keep bringing up the UK, do you live there? I live in the United States so we are not bound by the laws of the UK, besides, we kicked their asses in the American Revolution and gained our independence from their tyranny and rule.

  10. Grey One Talks Sass

    P4G, if the law is null and void as you state above regarding tattoos then the law is null and void as it pertains to homosexuality.

    Well done P4G. The Rainbow is Proud of you.

  11. G

    P4G. You are the one that brought up the issue of wearing a tattoo and that a person is entitled to have one

    Kick the British butts? Yeah sure. 1/3 of the population were on the British side, 1/3 of the population were on the rebel side and 1/3 were neutral. The Revolutionary War didn’t really get full support from the overwhelming majority of the American population and to this day, the vast majority of the American population hasn’t gotten any benefit out of it.

    Again as Tom O pointed out, the ruling says nothing about free speech protection for a specific tattoo on a specific individual.

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