My name is (name withheld). I just donated to the MRFF on your website. But I also wanted to commend you all on your Herculean efforts against the massive wave of hate and viscous ignorance you are standing up against.

I am currently reading Bonnie Weinstein’s book… “When Christians Break Bad.” I had read an article or two in the past about some instances at the Air Force Academy where the line had been crossed by commanders (or officers or lower ranking leaders) in their evangelizing efforts toward their subordinates.

But Bonnie’s book is so eye-opening, angering and depressing all at the same time, that I wanted to profess my support with my meager donation. I don’t think many people have a clue about how much hate and rank stupidity is saturating our armed forces, under the sorry heading of Christianity. The letters and emails of criticism that you guys receive are truly off the charts for vileness, evil, and totally blind hypocrisy. By way of my own background, from 17 to 20 years old I was in the Marine Corps. Enlisted in 1968 to go to Vietnam, but they sent me to Okinawa instead. Oddly, I didn’t have any run-ins with any hyper evangelicals the whole time of my stint. I was pretty much an atheist during that time period and would have told them to fuck off. After my discharge, went to art school on the GI Bill and I am still a graphic designer/illustrator today at 70 years old. However, in my early twenties, I “accepted Jesus” and supposedly was born again. I personally, as they say, was “on fire for Jesus” for the next ten years. I read my Bible early every morning before work, prayed fervently and as I learned more about witnessing for Jesus, I tried to do that too. But the Christian examples and influences that I was exposed to, were nothing like the raging, radical, angry reich-wing political Christians I see too much of today. I am sure they were around, but I rarely encountered them I my circles. Although I came to think of myself as a Baptist, I was leery of the Baptist (and Pentecostal) mega-church scene and how much of it seemed canned and phony and focusing on a prosperity gospel schtick. My best Christian friends and mentors were, by comparison, loving, forgiving, tolerant, exuding a Christ-like attitude of love and tenderness. I learned from these friends and a pastor or two, that if I was going to be witnessing to anybody, it meant that I needed to be willing to befriend them, help them physically and financially if necessary, and try to be an example myself of compassionate caring about them and their family, if they had one. I also started to see on TV and in a few churches, more and more, a category of self-described Christians who were totally obvious Pharisees and harshly judgmental of others constantly (especially toward gays and anybody contemplating an abortion) and seemingly oblivious to their (and our) own sinfulness. Self-proclaimed Christians who seemed to lack any humility at all and seemed to be walking examples of the opposite of any Christ-likeness (Trump comes to mind easily). Well, after 10 years of trying my best to be the type of Christian that I kept reading about in the New Testament, one that has some works as a result of my faith (James 2:14-26)… I finally became an agnostic. But, ironically, I still go through a thought process almost every day, wondering what would be the proper thing to do in any situation that would be like the “What Would Jesus Do” bumper sticker.

Anyway, what amazes me the most about the blistering A-holes that wrote their complaint letters and death threats, was that they each, literally, think of themselves as Christians. And in at least one of the letters, the writer made reference to being spirit filled and being part of a spirit-filled bible study group. And yet, having made such a foolish, empty, brash, bragging, proud claim, they still slobbered out all manner of vile hate and lies. If Galatians 5:22-23 describes the fruit of the Spirit, then what possible spirit filling can these demons even be talking about and bragging about? Obviously their bible study group is not only a waste of time in regard to anything soul-saving or Jesus-likeness, it is instead a Christian Madrasa to help inculcate foaming-at-the-mouth hatred and terroristic, bullying attitudes toward their perceived “enemies”. They get the idea somehow that they need to be the folks to dole out persecution of others, instead of humbly accepting and expecting persecution on themselves from an unbelieving world and enduring it with “love” toward their persecutors. Of course, they ignorantly and misguidedly see the work of MRFF as being the persecutor. But, as is the case with all of these disgusting hypocrites, they are not really being persecuted personally at all for their faith, but have been TOLD that what MRFF is doing is a personal attack on their personal, fake Christianhood. And still, instead of humbly counting their fake persecution as something to glory in, (Matthew 5:11-12 and 1 Peter 4:14) they lash out with hate and anger and death threats. Who in HELL told them that kind of behavior has anything to do with Christianity? It does have to do with simply NOT being a Christian at all, and acting out like any person of the flesh would do when they feel attacked. Then, because of their already built-in anti-Semitism, they think they have in a fit of genius found the root of all their problems. Just like Hitler did. How can these rabid hate spewers not even come close to seeing the contradiction in how Jesus acted and how they act?……… Oh wait…. I think I know.

1. They were TOLD that after saying the Sinners Prayer that they were in fact saved, and of course they never were. (Because such “saving” and heartfelt believing in Jesus should have born some fruit that the New Testament talks about and they were never told about and did not read about any “fruit-bearing” for themselves) Obviously some see fruit bearing as blowing up an abortion clinic.

2. They don’t actually read the bible for themselves which means they rely on whatever the preacher or their dumbass buddy or Fox News says.

3. They became a political “Christian” in their own minds and identify their Christian fantasy faith with American conservatism in all of its selfish forms. Which also can qualify as NOT being a Christian at all… but you’re in the club at least.

4. They don’t get it that when scummy, racist, selfish, hate-filled, intolerant people try to take on the mantle of Christianity, and they still act scummy, racist, selfish, hateful and intolerant, then they didn’t really become a Christian at all.

But, all of this long-winded rant is coming from an agnostic… so to be fair, I am not endorsing Christianity, but merely pointing out the difference between what the New Testament describes as a follower of Christ and what these half-wit, knuckle-draggers claim to be.

Anyway, I fully support your work and intend to donate whenever I can.

(name withheld)



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  1. Declan P Cunningham

    OMG…You lost me in the first paragraph. It is very well written however when you bring in God etc you lost me. I am a practicing Catholic however you went waaaaaaay to deep.

  2. Allan Baumann

    I high doubt he was truly became a born again Christian in the first place. He may have made an intellectual assent to Christ but never a heart committal to him. If he made an heart committal but as he has said turned agnostic, then he will have no eternal future in heaven, but will hear Christ tell him, “depart from Me for I never knew you.” What a sad day in eternity that would be for him.

  3. G

    Baumann, maybe the guy used his reasoning and decided there was no such thing as a God.

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