U.S. Marines Cancel Speaker Due to Christian Background

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  1. Grey One Talks Sass

    Oh Todd… such a kidder.

    The speaker wasn’t canceled because of their faith. They were canceled because of their inability to respect boundaries, their inexcusable habit of shoving their faith into everyone’s face.

    Say, several years ago you were complaining about other stuff being shoved in your face (For extra credit class please review Todd’s lies on The War of Christmas and his stance against Marriage Equality).

    Guess it’s ok if you are doing the shoving, amirite?

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Just read a post upstream. Apparently the speaker learned their history at the David Barton school of revision. In their world the USA is a Christian nation, the Bible takes precedence over the Constitution, and the 10 Commandments and Bill of Rights are basically the same document.

    (OK, I don’t have evidence on the last point but I have my suspicions.)

    The Marine I knew for more than a decade had no sense of humor when it came to Constitutional history. It could be a Marine thing?

    Anyway, after the bonafides fizzled the speaker was disinvited.

    But yeah, it’s all about persecution, amirite?

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