8/10/20 – Catholic MRFF Advisory Board Member Skewers Far-Right Catholic League’s Bill Donohue in Letter to Secretary of Defense

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  1. Allan Baumann

    Well being Jesuit educated, that says it all. Jesuits were behind the Spanish Inquisition who persecuted the Jews in Spain and then later attacked the Reformers. So they are antisemitic like the whole of the Catholic church, also known as the Great Whore of Babylon in the Book of Revelation. Satan’s throne is at the Vatican!
    Oh well, Catholics think they will be in heaven, well, to their surprise, they won’t unless they renounce the worship of Mary and the Pope and are born again in Christ.
    I would also venture to say that the University of Notre Dame is the training ground for future pedophiles.

  2. dan cucich

    Dear Sir, I was a southern Baptist for most of my life but am now a catholic. I want you to know we do not worship Mary. (or the Pope) FYI a lot of Catholics d nt like Pope Francis, including me. He is way too liberal. I worship God through Jesus Christ only! (John 14:6)
    The Church is definitely not anti-Semitic. There are people in all Christian denominations that have spiritual, emotional or psychological problems. And others who have been in cults and picked u strange doctrine and dogmas. Remember Our Lord had 12 disciples an one of them was a thief and a liar. that’s 1 out of 12. You cant name any Christian denomination that has a lower percentage of apostates than one out of of twelve! . Thats about 8%

  3. Candice

    So God chose Trump a conman and liar. But according to the church God chose Francis and you don’t like him for being too liberal? Didn’t God know he was a liberal? Hmmmm? Is it in the cannon that God choses Presidents?

  4. Allan Baumann

    God chose David, a murderer and adulterer to be king over Israel. He chose Moses, a man who could not speak well to lead His people out of Egypt and through the desert. God chose Gideon, who was hiding in a grain silo and called him a mighty man of valor.
    In Prov. 8:15 – it says that by Me kings reign and ruler decree what is just! In Daniel 2:21, it says that God changes times and seasons, He removes kings and sets up kings!
    Regarding the current Pope, I think in that situation it was men who appointed Francis to be Pope, but scripturally you will not find any reason there is to be a pope at all.

  5. Allan Baumann

    Yes, the Catholic Church through the ages has been antisemitic and let me refer you to this information to prove that – https://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/the-catholic-church
    You say you are Catholic now, may I ask you, do you pray to Mary, which is actually not her name, her name is Miriam as she was Jewish? Do you pray the rosary? Do you believe a priest can absolve you of your sins? Do you accept Catholic heresy that there is a purgatory? Do you believe in transubstantiation? Do you believe that you can get to heaven through good works? All these questions if you say yes, then you are believing heresy and there is no scriptural proof for any of these things. If you say you were once Southern Baptist and now Catholic, I tend to doubt you are even saved. All the former Catholics that I know, when they got born again, all left the Catholic church for their eyes were opened to the false church and the false gospel that it preaches.

  6. Kelly Winscott

    Well said.

  7. Mike

    Wow, where to begin. First you obviously know nothing about the Church or it’s orders. The Jesuits especially in the West are seen as progressives and barely Catholic among the faithful. They don’t persecute anyone, except traditionalists.

    So right off the bat anything you’ve had to say (the same tired arguments that have no theological depth) can be ignored.

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