8/21/20 – Islamophobic Navy Chaplain Exposed by MRFF in 2008 as a Plagiarist, Liar, and Bigot Not Dismissed But Promoted Twice!

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  1. Allan Baumann

    I found a couple lies, Covenant Theological Seminary is accredited and Liberty University has never been accredited by TRACS, they are regionally accredited which is the same accreditation that Notre Dame, University of Virginia, Duke University have. Just because you can degree fully online from a regionally accredited university, does not mean it is a diploma mill.
    I would like to know where Chris Rodda has a degree from and I know it is not in history.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Question Allan (and this may not be my only one, just needed to put down so I don’t forget),

    You sure are hung up on where Chris Rodda went to school. What does that matter to you?

    See, I may have achieved my degree but that didn’t mean I stopped learning when I left school. What matters are the facts and from what I’ve read of Chris’s work she knows her stuff.

    Oh wait, are you dissing her because she’s a she??!! Really?

    I’m so glad people like you are dinosaurs because it means you will morph into fossils, suitable for placement in a museum. Couldn’t happen to a better group of humans, but I’ve not had my coffee yet so I might be a bit harsh.

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