8/22/20 – Navy Chaplain’s Proselytizing Christian-Only Emails to All SOCCENT Personnel Cease After MRFF’s Demand

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  1. Paul Newman

    Special place in he’ll for you fucks. Nobody asked for or needs your help. Hope you get hit by a truck. You’ll call on God then.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Paul, what on this planet are you nattering on about? I can tell you are upset only the subject is a bit vague. Perhaps try again?

    For what it’s worth, MRFF doesn’t address an issue like the email situation described in the article unless a service person asks for their help.

    So, to recap, who asked the MRFF for help Paul?

  3. Gumby Damnit

    “Hope you get hit by a truck.“ To be fair, Jesus didn’t know of trucks, and yet I’m pretty sure he never wished even his worst enemy to be trampled by oxen.

    So telling that such a comment comes from someone named Paul.

  4. David

    Glad to see others realize this site is ran by some bullshit atheist basement dweller

  5. David

    “ a layman ought only to argue with a blasphemer against Christian law by running his sword into the bowels of the blasphemer as far as it would go“
    – King Saint Louis IX

    Christianity has never been about tolerance, it’s about judgement and justice.

    Proverbs 21:3 // Luke 12:57 // John 7:24 // II Chronicles 19:6 // I Corinthian 6:2

    Stfu talking about what Jesus would and wouldn’t do

  6. David

    The MRFF is the manifestation of a butthurt, “smarter-than-everyone”, ASVAB 80-90 scoring, Atheist neckbeard.

    It’s what happens when the collective seething of hundreds of pseudo-intellectuals cumulates into a shitposting buzzfeed type org that exists solely to do nothing. The only byproduct of this is Christian hating because that’s how you cope with the insecurity of not being as smart as you think you are. All atheists are little shits who think they’re smarter than the universe.

  7. Grey One Talks Sass

    Not an Atheist David, so glad you played. Please try again.

    The only reason Christianity is in the spot light is because they are the ones breaking the rules.

    I see violence is your ‘go-to’ response to anything you don’t understand. May you expire as you’ve perspired.

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