Appreciation to MRFF

Dear MRFF,

All I want is to be accepted by a military that is, and always will be, religiously neutral.  Thank you for being a fundamental part of that future.

I’ve been a Navy officer for (number of years withheld) years, am serving overseas, and have reached my limit with unavoidable military prayers.  Every evening while underway, a prayer is given to the crew.  This prayer is inescapable because the speakers infiltrate every corner of the ship.  There are also prayers at formal events, where I am obligated to stand in formation.  The chaplain starts the event with the words I’ve come to detest: “Let Us Pray.”  I silently scream, “No! Don’t use the word ‘Us.’ There is no unity because I am not participating!”  Yet, I keep my cries of oppression to myself because I must conform, a silent participant to this unconstitutional atrocity, ashamed I am coerced to compromise my (non-faith group name withheld) identity.

A few days ago, I noticed a military gate guard with a religious patch on his bulletproof vest.  Knowing this is unconstitutional, I confronted the sailor, demanding to speak with his superior.  His superior approaches and I explain the violation.  He justifies it as “no big deal” and I see the rolling eyes and shaking head I know all too well.  I recognize his unspoken words used to describe me: Intolerant, Angry (non-faith group name withheld), Bigot, Troublemaker, Warrior Against Peaceful Religion.  I continue to explain the violation when he interrupts me with the belittling statement: “So you are just offended?”  Apparently, my defense of the constitution is seen as one man complaining like a child.

I’m so glad I reached out to MRFF for help, because my next gut punch was right around the corner.  One of my leaders was addressing the command.  Unrelated to the topic at hand and out of nowhere he says, “Make sure you reflect upon the phrase ‘So Help Me God’ in your oath.”  Once dismissed, I rush to the bathroom and burst into tears.  I fight to keep my sobs silent, afraid someone will hear and ask what is wrong.  I don’t want to tell anyone because I know they will not understand.  To them, it is just words.  To me, it is a knife that cuts deep.  I cry because, as a (non-faith group name withheld), I’ve thought more about ‘So Help Me God’ than most theists.  That religious phrase marks my shame, for I’ve said those words due to the implicit obligation to conform, but at the expense of my own integrity.

As I cried, I remembered a few days prior when Mr. Weinstein, the top dog of MRFF, the founder himself, personally replied to my request for help in 15 minutes.  I took solace reflecting upon how Mikey insisted on video chatting with me, each night, to support my battle against the religious patch.  My tears slowly abated because I knew tonight would be no different.  While everyone around me may see a (non-faith group name withheld) who overreacts to mere words, my friend Mikey knew those words are painful weapons of isolation.

Mikey, a never-ending thank you for your legal advice and moral support.  Thank you for helping me get my voice to leadership in Wash. D.C./Pentagon as I advocate for my constitutionally protected (non-faith group name withheld) rights.  Thank you in advance for your upcoming moral support as I build the courage to break formation during the next prayer, and for your future guidance through the inevitable backlash.  Thank you for finally giving me the courage to stand up for my beliefs.

(U.S. Naval Officer’s, name, rank, MOS, unit and assigned installation all withheld)

Follow-Up Response from Active Duty U.S. Naval Officer Expresses Gratitude to MRFF for Having the Patch Removed

(Red emphasis added by MRFF)

From: MRFF Client/U.S. Navy Officer’s E-Mail Address Withheld
Subject: Religious Patches on US Military Uniforms
Date: August 11, 2020 at 11:03:06 AM MDT
To: Michael L Weinstein <[email protected]>

After giving the Equal Opportunity Manager my complaint and being told he’d handle it, I walked onto base this morning and saw the same sentry with the religious patch.  I rushed to the chain of command and demanded to see the most senior officer.  The Commanding Officer wasn’t in, so I explained the violation to the Executive Officer where I received the “We will handle it” treatment.  Thanks to Mikey, I was ready with the DoD instruction stating no religious apparel may be affixed to any piece of uniform.  The Executive Officer’s entire perspective changed.  He immediately called the front gate and ordered the patch removed.  Thank you Mikey for providing the exact ammunition I needed to get immediate results in defending the U.S. constitution!

(MRFF Client/U.S. Navy Officer’s name,  rank, MOS, unit and installation all withheld)

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  1. Allan Baumann

    What a panty waist to cry about part of the oath. Best he get out of the military if he is going to be a pussy, and he says he is an officer. If Patton were still alive he would have slapped him silly and eaten him alive and spit him out.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Allan jokes about what is serious; ones oath to protect the country.

    As I’ve witnessed, to Allan the only thing important is their own concept of faith, meaning if a persons dedication, passion, and faith doesn’t exactly match the universal world of Allan, well, as we witness they are mocked.

    Allan needs to learn how to respect others.

    Don’t be like Allan.

    Do be like the letter writer, concerned about the Constitution and the deliberate disrespect offered by Christianists every minute of every day.

    I thank the MRFF for their existence, for their untiring defense against an enemy domestic.

  3. Thomas

    Allen, I respectfully suggest you read about toxic masculinity and consider the negative psychological effects of the “boys don’t cry” mentality. Mental health is a serious issue in America, and telling people to repress their emotions only makes it worse.

  4. Grey One Talks Sass

    Thomas, truer words have not been spoken. Emotions are like water, they will find a way to release, usually at the most inconvenient and expensive of times.

    Thank you for your knowledge. Too many humans are like Allan which in my opinion is a disaster waiting to happen.

  5. Allan Baumann

    The term “toxic masculinity” is a derogatory term used by liberal to emasculate men from who they were created to be. I am glad there will millions of toxic males who fought in WWII, otherwise we would all be speaking German or Japanese right now. I have many toxic masculine men in my family and without them we would have not won the American Revolution, Civil War, WWII as I just mentioned. Other men in my family fought in the Korean War, Vietnam and a great nephew who is in the Air Force. I am not putting down men who cry, one of my uncles who was a bombardier in the Air Force in WWII, told me the greatest thing in just a few words, “it is okay for men to cry” while finally releasing all my emotions after burying my mother at the age of 49 when I was just 20. However, if you are going to cry over the sight of a patch on a uniform, come on man.

  6. Grey One Talks Sass

    Come on Allan, be honest

    (I know – a difficult task for a Christianist)

    It wasn’t just a patch.

    Toxic masculinity is a thing – and you just presented as its poster child.

    And you won’t respond to me because why? I ask questions you can’t answer? I bring up facts you’d rather ignore?

    It’s all good little boy. I don’t really expect you to engage your brain. It’s far too out of shape for any lengthy use.

  7. Allan Baumann

    Toxic masculinity is a myth but you are just a toxic feminist bitch.

  8. Grey One Talks Sass

    Oh Allan, such a misinformed fool. I’m not he/she, I’m they. Simple as that.

    I defined myth for you already. I see the information did not take.

    So – you Christianist piece of flotsam – I’m a bitch? You brought my family into the fight, you call names, cast doubt on others sincerity of faith, and yet presume to call yourself a source of morality and correct thinking?

    Well, bless your heart.

  9. Jason

    Can anyone tell me what that Reg is? Would be nice to have that in my pocket for the next time this happens.

  10. G

    Baumann, if the Lord didn’t want us to cry, then he would have not given us the ability to cry in the first place and you should know that by now. You should do what Thomas tells you to do and find out what toxic masculinity has done to the American male for nearly 250 years.

    Baumann, If toxic masculine is a myth, why can’t toxic feminist bitch be a myth?

  11. G

    “The term “toxic masculinity” is a derogatory term used by liberal to emasculate men from who they were created to be. I am glad there will millions of toxic males who fought in WWII, otherwise we would all be speaking German or Japanese right now. I have many toxic masculine men in my family and without them we would have not won the American Revolution, Civil War, WWII as I just mentioned. Other men in my family fought in the Korean War, Vietnam and a great nephew who is in the Air Force.”

    Yeah, Baumann and how many of those toxic men have sexually, physically, and mentally abused their spouses and even their kids all in the name of being a real tough guy?

    How many of those toxic men have been scarred physically and/or mentally by the war? How many of those toxic men who really think that they are masculine have been able to talk about their war experience with their family members, other people, or even among themselves? Or have they shut up and kept their experiences to themselves for fear of being called pussies, cowards, lacking in moral fiber, wussies, can’t make it, can’t take it, or should have never been allowed in the military in the first place?

    If all these toxic men were really tough, then they should have been freely talking about the horrors of war and fighting to prevent their sons and daughters from fighting in a war with no justification.

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