agnostic jew huh

can you kindly explain it’s an oxymoron i believe doesn’t make any sense sir!! your views are somewhat out there for a man born jewish are you not proud of this? all things to GOD go before his son right or do you question this as well? i mean no disrespect just yoir views are way hard to swallow agnostic jew hummmmm lol lol howie siegel i’m a jew and born again i’m darned proud i came to Jesus Christ!

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein

Hey, sport , I don’t have to explain anything to you… I’m not quite sure what your problem with me or the MRFF is?… Perhaps you’d like to get a little more specific?… In the meantime I suggest that you do a little research before you start casting stones…

From (name withheld)

first off i’m not your sport and i’m done talking with you, there’s no problem just wanted to know what is an agnostic jew huh sorry enjoy your day pal

(name withheld)

From Mikey Weinstein

And you enjoy yours… On your way now…






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  1. Patriot Pastor

    I like this guy! Way to go Howie! Keep preaching Jesus, my Jewish brother in Messiah.

  2. A.L. Hern

    You know, PP, among your many faults, your greatest fault is that you think anybody cares what you like.

  3. Patriot Pastor

    A.L. Hern,
    Nobody in hell cares what you like or think either.

  4. George T

    PP, why do you assume that there is a hell?

  5. JO

    All the back and forth has been hilarious. I have not gone to Hell because apparently I am slotted for a management position, just waiting for an appropriate opening I guess? I have not followed the other service branches but I can clearly remember where I was “strongly advised” (read: “told”) by a USAF “line leader” to put a particular religious phrase on my dog-tags lest I be harassed and abused. Really? I thought I had constitutional rights to think like I wanted as long as I performed as required by my 4th generation born country (United States of America) and military directives I swore allegiance to?? No?? Apparently not. The religious test was still in effect (1970s).
    Ignorance is bliss!

  6. G

    Patriot Pastor. Has anyone come back from the dead and informed you that there is a heaven or hell?

  7. Ironmoped

    You know, you’re given a vehicle to drive in Heaven based on the purity of your life. A friend who died and went to Heaven with two incidents of marital infidelity got a Ford focus while his buddy got a Cadillac for being as pure as the driven snow! After two years of driving on Heaven’s autobahn, my friend said he got pretty upset when he passed his wife on a moped!

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