MRFF Receives Strong Support from Current Senior Active Duty Chaplain

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From: (Current Senior active duty Chaplain email withheld)
Date: September 18, 2020 at 4:40:11 PM MDT
To: [email protected]
Subject: Re: MRFF Appalled by Defense Dept. Under Secretary Rewriting Religion Regs to Appease Fundamentalist Lawmakers


I read Chris’s article in the Daily Kos yesterday and then read the actual instruction/order. It grinds the Establishment Clause to dust and by doing that it will pave the way to have the Chaplain Corps declared unconstitutional. That would be tragic but it is better than a Fundamentalist State Church that does not represent the vast diversity of the military. I am glad that I am retiring, I could not serve under those rules. Mainline Protestants, Progressives, Unitarians, Jewish, Muslim, Women Chaplains, and LTBTQ chaplains, and even the Roman Catholics and Eastern Orthodox (though the latter haven’t figured it out yet) will be persecuted and driven out of the service. Servicemen and women who are not Evangelicals, Charismatics, Or Fundamentalists will not be welcome and be forced to endure mandatory “all hand” ceremonies where their beliefs, are openly disrespected by Chaplains Praying “in Jesus Name,” and proselytization of all forms. Offerings made by congregations will go to support intolerant Evangelical parachurch Groups like Officers Christian Fellowship, CRU, and the Navigators who will be allowed onto base to run Sunday school, Bible studies, and other Christian education programs.

I will actively support all of your efforts, and if need be sign on to any lawsuits against this unconstitutional and prejudicial order that destroys the establishment clause and give the Fundamentalists free reign to do whatever they want. I will write my congressional Representatives, and Senators. I will ask my Endorser and other that I know to oppose it, and if need be sign on to any lawsuit against DOD to kill it even if it means killing the Chaplain Corps in the process.

I will write for you, and I will fight at your side.

We have to fight and win. If they win we all lose. Thank you for your support and friendship.

Shalom Shabbat, L’shanah tovah,

(Current Senior active duty Chaplain, name, service, and duty station withheld)



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One Comment

  1. Hayseed September 26, 2020 at 8:04 pm

    Finally, a chaplain that I can agree with.

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