To the Army Officer Spouse that authored the anti-semitic email to Mr. Weinstein

Original Anti-Semitic Email:

Hello Mr. Weinstein,

Just wondering what your organization the MRFF is really all about?

My husband is in the Army and we are very much blessed by the Grace of our Savior in our home and our lives.

We have never seen Jesus pushed on anyone during our time in the service.

We do try to share the Free Gift of Christ’s Salvation with as many other soldiers and their families as we can but we never force anyone to come to Christ.

Why does the MRFF attack only Christians?

We have more Christians in the Army than all of the other religions combined.

Also as a Jew don’t you think that your peoples’ heritage already has a bad enough history record of attacking Christians?

You and the MRFF are only making the Jewish reputation even worse with your constant attacks.

So your wife writes books about the so called bad letters you get?

Maybe you all should realize that you deserve a lot of the blame yourselves.

Please find something more worthwhile to do and leave us Christians alone.

Jesus Christ would welcome hateful sinners such as you and the MRFF.

If you would but bend the knee and confess Him as your only Savior. (Romans 14:11)

Even the torturer of Christians Saul of Tarsus bent the knee and became St. Paul.

You and your MRFF are modern day Sauls.

Please surrender to Christ before it is too late. He is the Only Way. (John 14:6)

An eternity in hell awaits Jews like you and your MRFF who refuse. (Matthew 13:42)

Remember that Jesus Christ loves you and the MRFF.

This message is from a Proud Christian and Army Officer’s wife and mother who will remain anonymous

Response from Another Army Officer Spouse:

To the Army Officer Spouse that authored the anti-semitic email to Mr. Weinstein,

As an Army Officer Spouse that serves as the liaison for Fort Sill for the Military Religious Freedom Foundation, I was very disturbed when I saw a scathing email sent to the MRFF by a “Proud Christian and Army Officer’s wife and mother”.  The attempt for you to remain anonymous sends the message that you may realize that your written words about making “the jewish reputation even worse with your constant attacks” are unbecoming of an officer’s “spouse”. The idea that you believe that those of the Jewish faith have a negative “reputation”, as you imply, is proof enough of your anti-semitic views.

I, however, am not afraid to speak out against you while using my real name and position as an officer’s spouse and would like the chance to respond to your grossly ignorant accusations. While the thesis of the entire email seemed to be contradictory, the message within it from the “Officer’s Wife” perspective was the most concerning.

While I am personally a Secular Humanist, the idea seems lost on you, that just because the majority of Service Member’s identify as Christian means that their needs and wants should overshadow those of the minority. As an officer’s wife I find myself constantly seeking out the service members that may be in the minority or may be at another disadvantage, be it religious beliefs, race, marital or financial status, etc.. and continually trying to check in, listen to their experience and make sure that every aspect of their lives are being treated fairly and justly when it comes to military life.

Admittedly, I have not always been successful in this endeavor and have made mistakes along the way. The one that sticks out the most, involves the planning for a spouses’ luncheon in which I was in charge of in which the only main dish included pork. It was not something I initially identified as a problem, but thankfully a Jewish spouse who spoke up on the spouses’ board as well was able to identify the spouses’ club might want to offer a chicken option as well. Quickly realizing that my planning of the luncheon may exclude some with differing religious beliefs that I, I changed the menu and was able to ensure that spouses’ were able to have options for lunch that allowed them to participate in our luncheon. Looking back, that particular spouses’ club board year was the most successful I have ever been a part of: it also had the most diverse board. I don’t believe we could have done so if diversity was not valued and we did not openly talk about our differences and try to create the most inclusive atmosphere possible for all of our members.

Recently, the lack of diversity in the military in regards to sex and race has made it into the national news. It has been recognized that institutions that value diversity are more apt to succeed, and I believe that religious diversity within the force is also an aspect that needs to be considered when trying to strengthen the force. When Army Spouses, such as you send such foul emails that showcase how they obviously value their own religious standpoints over others, they are sending the message that they are the only ones correct in regards to their religious faiths and no else’s opinions, needs or wants are of value. I fear that this dissuades spouses’ of minority from speaking up at times when attitudes such as yours are viewed as the most prevalent in the military community. I wanted to only serve BBQ pork at that luncheon and did not want to deal with the added headache of a more complicated catering order, but in the end the Jewish spouse needed a non-pork option to be able to participate AND follow her religious beliefs/teachings. Instead of holding strong on my viewpoint and trying to convince her to eat pork, I simply accommodated the request and valued her input. This allowed us in the end to build a more cohesive community: one that respected our diverse group of military spouses.

It is also very troubling when I see Army Spouses, such as yourself, speak as if you represent our officer spouse peer group and/or all of those from their religious denomination. In the original email you indicate, “just leave us Christian’s alone”. Are you speaking for every Christian? Thankfully not, as the majority of the MRFF’s clients identify with the Christian faith. It is my hope that other military spouses that are looking for help when their religious rights are being violated, do not believe that all military officers spouseswill not react with such disrespect and hostility to others’ viewpoints. I am ashamed that another military officer spouse could write such vile things to Mr. Weinstein: telling him to “to bend a knee” and accept Christ as their savior” is exactly the opposite of the kindness and acceptance we should model as military officer spouses.

I can guarantee as an Officer’s Spouse and Fort Sill’s liaison to the MRFF, this is not how I handle situations when a member of any faith comes to me when seeking a resolution to a problem. I treat all individuals with respect in regards to their beliefs and work my hardest as a representative of the MRFF to aid them in resolution. I believe this is how military officer spouses should respond to anyone that reaches out to them for help. By simply respecting those in need’s viewpoints, religious views, and differing backgrounds, I believe helps bring cohesion to all members of our military community.

That is really what the MRFF is all about— not attacking Christians (or any other religion or non-faith tradition) as you do when you speak of the “jewish reputation”.

Sarah Kline

A Non-Anonymous, Proud Military Officer’s wife and mother who actively promotes religious freedom as the MRFF representative from Fort Sill, OK

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  1. Patriot Pastor

    Whether Mikey likes it or not, he and anyone else who does not follow Christ will eventually have to bow their knees to Christ, in this life or when they come before Him for judgment of what they have done is this life. There will be no getting around this fact. You can bow to Him now, or bow to Him latter, but you will bow!

  2. Paula

    “Patriot Pastor”– I am laughing hysterically at the goddamn finality of your comment. I know what I am about to say will offend you, perhaps, or cause you to ride your white horse of self-righteousness faster. The bit about bowing to jeebus? That’s your belief. That’s not fact. No, really! That may be the faith path upon which you tread, but many of us do not. It’s not because we haven’t heard of those beliefs; I know way more about your beliefs than you do about mine. Of course, you’ve never asked people of my faith to explain our beliefs, have you? It scares you to contemplate other people who don’t consume your stories as fervently as do you. One great difference between your beliefs and mine is that I will never try to guilt you into adopting my belief system. I will not threaten you with eternal damnation, I will not demand utter subservience to any other creation of life, I will not dictate to you how you should lead your life. I will not pray for your deliverance, your epiphany, your salvation. I will probably be as considerate to you as I am to people who hold beliefs different from yours–probably….

  3. Eric Cooper

    LMAO just wow, the patriot pastor is as ignorant as the base he follows. There is no one true way there are many religions and many also claim there way as the one true way, imagine that. The term patriot is in fact ignorant in this pastors sense as a True Patriot defends the Constitution not a religion or political affiliation, and finally, bow to your deity? I think not I have my own deity and I don’t even bow to Her let alone someone else’s deity. Good luck dude. SSG Cooper (Retired)

  4. Me

    Patriot Pastor is 100 % correct as the Bible tells us “Every knee shall bow and every tongue shall confess that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.” Amen ❤️

  5. Patriot Pastor

    Poor Paula,
    It is not just a faith, it IS fact. You will bow your knee before Him one day whether you like it or not, and if you reject Him before that day comes and you take your last breath, you will stand before Him to answer for your sins committed on earth without having any defense attorney by your side to defend you. Christ will be judge and jury for all who come before Him for judgment. It is not I who threatens you but God, I am just repeating what He says in His Word. However, He offers you an escape from judgment if you will only accept Him into your life as Lord and Savior. Choice is yours, but you will have to live eternally with the consequences for the wrong decision.

  6. Patriot Pastor

    SSG Cooper,
    Sorry, there are many religions but only one way to heaven, and Jesus has said that way is only through Him. “Wide is the path that leads to destruction, but narrow is the path that leads to life” says Jesus. Actually, God would say you are the ignorant one not me. The so called “diety” you follow is none other than the great deceiver Satan, whose guest you will for all eternity in judgment. Trust me, you will bow before Him when you come before Him to face the judgment for your sins, as will all of mankind who reject him. You will be in with some great company, like Hitler, mass murderers, adulterers, liars, thieves, blasphemers, homosexuals, lesbian, drag queens, pedophile, Tom Hanks, Mikey, Gen. Eisenhower, Gen, Patton, etc. etc. I am a patriot, it is in my ancestry which goes all the way back to the American Revolution and Civil War.

  7. Patriot Pastor

    Dear Me,
    Thanks for you kind words, God Bless!

  8. Perry Levin

    So-called patriot pastor,
    It’s sad to read your ravings aimed at people through your selfish and narrow-minded ego. On the one hand we should be happy that you’ve found some faith in your religion. However, you wasted what good feelings you could’ve had by being an obnoxious windbag spouting fundamental gibberish about a made up reality designed to keep feeble-minded people like you in line. In truth, when you die you will not be judged by a “vindictive god (follow my rules or else)” but by the people you had met during your life and how you treated them to your fanatical ramblings. I assume you’re not some demented individual but rational enough to look at your writings and see the fallacies of your words. Or I could be wrong. I’m only human.

  9. Patriot Pastor

    Sorry, but I will not be judged by people, for they are just as much in need of a Savior as I am, and God is not vindictive as you say. God does not take delight in judging His creation, but He must because He is holy and must deal with those who are unholy, that is why He sent His Son Jesus to take the penalty of sin upon Himself and die in our place. However, if you reject His free gift, then as scriptures says, the wages of sin is death, both physically and spiritually.

  10. George T

    Unpatriotic Pastor, it’s sad to see a fellow citizen acting as such a poor representative of my parent’s religion. Your insultingly divisive comments besmirch the good works of any Christian denomination. Until you can validate the claims of your religions holy book, it’s simply ludicrous of you to expect others to take your vacuous demands seriously.

  11. Me

    It makes me sad to read the hateful comments geared towards Patriot Pastor. If y’all would only realize, he is speaking truth in obedience as God commands His followers to go and tell everyone the good news of the gospel … which is the fact that Jesus took our place and WILLINGLY suffered and died on the cross only to be risen three days later and reigns as Lord in heaven and earth forever. He gave His life so you could have an abundant life and a relationship with Him IF you repent from your sins and accept and believe in Him.
    Without Christ, there is no true peace, no true joy, no true happiness. These are things we all desire, and you may experience temporary fixes from time to time, but if you are not a born-again Christian, you will never experience the pure joy only He can give.
    One day you will take your last breath. If you continue to reject Christ, you will spend an eternity in a real place called hell where nonbelievers are tormented continuously. There’s only darkness and hatred in that place bc it is the opposite of God. Nothing good is there.
    Jesus is the way, the truth, and the life. No one can come to the Fatter except through Him. There are no other gods to which you can be saved. He iIS the only way! Accept his free gift of salvation now, today. Pray and ask God to help your belief. Seek and you will find Him, pray with sincerity and He will answer. Repent and come to know Jesus. Blessings!

  12. Patriot Pastor

    Amen Me! Could not have said it any better.

  13. Patriot Pastor

    George T,
    The religion of your parents was faulty and a false gospel if they do not believe that one cannot ever reach heaven unless they yield their life to Christ and repent of their sins
    Also, scripture said that we are not saved by any good works we can do in reference to the comment you made about denominations. Jesus said that our works are like filthy rags, and in the original language that was in reference to menstruation cloths a woman would used in those times during her monthly cycle.

  14. Grey One Talks Sass

    Me and Patriot Pastor,

    It is obvious to everyone except yourselves that the message Christ preached has little to no resemblance to what you promote.

    You’ve shared your faith. No one is buying what you are selling. Yes, one must follow Christ to get into Christian Heaven, but sweeties, your heaven isn’t the only cloud on the block.

    So where does it say you must become a harridan? I must have skipped that chapter.

  15. Patriot Pastor

    Grey One,
    There is only one heaven, that is for repented sinners who have accepted Christ as Lord and Savior, no matter if they were FORMER Mormons, lost Jews, Buddhists, Hinduists, Roman Catholics, Agnostics, Atheists, etc. There is no Christian heaven, just God’s heaven, with Christ sitting at the right side of His throne.
    There is only one place for unrepented sinners like yourself, that is the Lake of Fire.

  16. Me

    Grey One,
    God loves you no matter where you are in life or what you’ve done. He does not throw stones at you if and when you mess up as a Christian as some would believe. If we could be made perfect, then why would He have chosen the cross for forgiveness of sins? We all struggle with sin from time to time. Christians are no different.
    God knew we need a savior for we cannot be righteous on our own. Jesus is the answer. He was the ONLY righteous one to never sin, yet He took God’s wrath that should have been on me and you … sinners.
    Grey One, think about this. If you were the only human alive on earth, Jesus still would’ve laid down His life …. just for YOU. That’s how much He loves you and desires a relationship with you. It’s not about rules and religion as the Pharisees taught, it’s about a relationship with the only true God. We all have free will to make our own choices but why not choose life? Not death.
    You buy car insurance for protection in case of an accident, life insurance so your family will be taken care, and health insurance for if you get sick. What about insurance for your eternal life? It is the most important decision you can ever make as it determines your eternity. Have you thought about it? I’m not selling anything. It’s a free gift to anyone who will receive.

  17. Friendly Bystander

    Hello Mr. Weinstein and staff, and commenters!

    I’m a civilian with no connection to the military beyond some deceased relatives and friends who are thankfully still extant who are serving, but I wanted to first of all thank you for the work you all do (I wish we had a similar organization that would help in the private sector, I’ve endured religious harassment for my faith before). I also wanted to express how sincerely appalled I am by the vitriol you all receive on what seems like an hourly basis. The fact of the matter is that it doesn’t matter which religion the majority of the country is, our society is not a mobocracy- or at least it shouldn’t be. I’ll be telling everyone I know about the great work you all do.

    As far as Mr. Pastor and Me are concerned- does it not bother your conception of the Supreme Being is willing to torture the vast majority of the hundred billion people who have existed since our species came into being for eternity? You realize that your version of the Supreme Being is essentially running Cosmic North Korea, only worse? Kim Jong Un with the powers of the entire universe sounds like an absolute nightmare, and that’s essentially what you’re proposing. Thank whatever you believe in that I DON’T believe that!

  18. Grey One Talks Sass

    Me – The message you intended me to receive is not the one I heard. You wanted me to imagine being all alone and scared on an empty planet devoid of human company who would therefore be desperate for a friend (your suggestion is the ghost of Jesus, I guess).

    You are correct, to a norm that would be scary, only I’m a hermits hermit. Humans could vanish with the exception of me and I’d die happy on my own knowing humans would no longer screw up the planet.

    Patriot Pastor – what hubris to declare the only heaven is the Christian one. How do you know? Were you there when the universe was created?

    (The question ‘were you there’ was the go-to gotcha moment for Creationists to confound Evolutionists. I’ve co-opted it here for my use).

    PP, You don’t know. There is no evidence proving other heavens exist just as there is no evidence proving that they don’t.

    Hubris Patriot Pastor, that is your crime against humanity, just as it’s always been for the Pharisee class.

    Friendly Bystander – torture is a feature, not a bug for Patriot Pastor and Me. The message of Christ (at least as I was taught before I was grey) was about sharing and love. Our last Christianist (one who uses their religion for political power) on this site tried to tell me Christ didn’t advocate sharing. Sigh – silly thing hadn’t read the book they purport to revere. I, an avowed pagan, found many examples of sharing and caring for those who are afflicted. I’ve yet to read a reply.

    Bwahahahaaaa. I’m not holding my breath. Christianists are a fragile lot and my knowing more about their holy book than they do bruises their ego.

  19. Friendly Bystander

    Gray One Talks Sass, you and I may be of similar backgrounds. My mother did her level best to make sure my brother and I would become good evangelicals, I became Wiccan. It regrettably seems like for many people still in that world, the despair is the point. Their life sucks, and they don’t see a remedy for it, so they have to come up with a way to make their bad end seem less bad to them.

    (If it is a bother for the site staffers for me to keep commenting, please let me know and I’ll desist, I understand moderation here must be a bear).

  20. Ironmoped

    “Every knee will bow?” Is that an, “or else?”
    Sounds like a real swell leader. Kind of like a celestial North Korea!
    “You WILL love and worship me! I am the all knowing, all powerful, …..”
    Sorry, getting the story mixed up with the Wizard of Oz!
    But the theme is the same!

    “Everything about Christianity is contained in the pathetic image of ‘the flock`. Chris Hitchens

    Ever notice how fragile American Christians are? It drives their fanaticism. And how hateful and ugly they get when their belief system is challenged? It’s like they have to proselytize to validate themselves. Without their profession to a belief in the Christian God they are completely empty and hollow. And it’s such a shame. Many of them are good people, they’re just missing a bit of intellectual capacity!
    The Christian God will eventually go the way of all other Gods before it. “Freedom is another word for no Gods left to chose!”
    It’s unfortunate that we live in a time of such disillusionment rather than enlightenment. Religion has deprived us of about a thousand years of development. If we do not make it as a species, religion will have had a formidable role in our own demise (it’s increasingly likely we won’t make it as a species).

    Ever hear a Christian, after someone’s death say, “they’re in a better place?”
    If it’s so damn good, why wait?

  21. Ironmoped

    How bout this passage,
    “When a man sells his daughter as a slave, she shall not go out as the male slaves do.” Exodus 21:32

    Kinda cool huh? Selling your own daughter!

  22. Ironmoped

    Prove that your God exists.

    You’ve made an extraordinary claim about bowing before God.

    Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence!

    To borrow from A C Grayling, “there’s more empirical evidence of the tooth fairy than the Christian God!”

  23. Ironmoped

    Hey Pastor,
    Were you “Patriot” enough to have served in the military?

  24. Ironmoped

    You should NOT treat others as you would have them treat you!

    They may not like it!

    Same goes for your proselytizing.

  25. Ironmoped

    Jesus did NOT “willingly” suffer, as you point out. As the story goes, his Dad had (celestial) sex with and knocked up another man’s wife, a young virgin Jewish girl (against his own rules btw, coveting, etc) and produced a son for the sole purpose of human sacrifice! His Dad knew what was going to happen. And, according to the story, Jesus wasn’t put here to redeem us, he was put here to redeem his father! You know, the one who made us less-than-perfect humans! God, in the story, with a severely bruised ego for having screwed up our creation, concocted a way to get people to like him again It’s amazing how wrong you and Pastor get the story!

    Can you imagine coming home from a hard days work and your virgin bride says, “Hey Honey, guess what? I’ve got news!”. I always did feel kind of sorry for Joseph!

  26. Ironmoped

    How `bout some biblical mysogeny:

    In the beginning, Adam was all alone. He spent much time negotiating with God for a companion but the price was too high for everything he asked for.
    Finally, thinking hard about what he could do without, in resigned exasperation, asked, “what can I get for a rib?” 🙂

    Hey, just repeating the story! I mean, if God could create Adam from the dust of the earth, why couldn’t he create Eve in the same way? Why all the drama?

    The other story completely omitted from the Bible: If Adam was alone talking to himself in the garden of Eden, and Eve was nowhere around to hear what he was saying……., is he still wrong? 🙂

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