MRFF Op-Ed: “We’re Coming For You in a White GMC Truck to Blow You and Your Wife’s Heads Off”

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  1. Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

    Along with the severity of the Covid-19 pandemic, America is suffering another plague. It is an outbreak of hate.

    Expressions of hate takes all kinds of forms. It appears in all kinds of people. Most handle it in socially responsible ways. A lot depends upon the intensity of the emotion because hatred is often an outgrowth of a personal rejection of something or someone. Hate arises because of fear that something a person deems important to them might be taken away or because of a lack of understanding about someone or something that is seen as foreign and therefore, somehow threatening. In its most virulent expression, hate seeks to do damage to the object of its focus.

    Being an emotion, hate is not rational. This is to say that reason cannot explain hate. Nor is hate easily mitigated, although the levels of one’s hatred are thought to be best addressed through education and access to information.

    What Mikey Weinstein and the MRFF all too frequently encounter is organized hate. This is a hatred that is not only generated by but is encouraged through what Mikey has called “Supercessionist, Dominionist Christianity.” The adherents and supporters of this radical, fundamentalist expression of Christianity seek to dominate all others in an effort, ostensibly, to bring everyone to Christ. But this is not the Christ of peace, love and compassion. This is an angry, defensive, volatile and controlling deity which does not brook independent thinking or questioning. It is highly charged and prone to ‘firing up’ its membership, especially when employing scapegoating tactics as has repeatedly happened as the group has sought to cope with Mikey and his foundation.

    To say that Dominionist Christians are purveyor of hate is to capture one of their essential attributes. That they have come into direct conflict with a group which seeks to mitigate their tactics and approaches threatens them and their purposes. That they have chosen hatred as their means of operating is not necessarily surprising. That some of their constituents resort to death threats is not altogether surprising however criminal these are.

    In the face of such behavior, one must stand their ground using the legal mechanisms provided by the Constitution and the authorities. That we live with such groups which promote hatred is one of the profound curses of our times.

  2. Ironmoped

    Rabbi Schwartzman,
    Don’t you think your comment, “To say that Dominionist Christians are purveyor of hate is to capture one of their essential attributes,” belies an expression of hate? I don’t claim to be Hemingway but I don’t think I’d call out hate by hating, just saying!
    Hatred around the world today is a function of disparity. Wealth disparity, income disparity, disparity in opportunity. These disparities have always been around but they are much more pronounced today, IMO, because of religion as one of the contributing elements in disparate treatment.
    In short, people are fed up with the elitism and socially constructed caste system that we’ve become all-around the globe. Trump is a symptom, not the disease (as one example).
    If religion is going to survive, I would suggest y’all get together in a unified “religious voice” and figure out how you are going to influence the power brokers into taking care of people, the planet, and the levels of disparity.
    You know why billionaires are literally turning into “bunker boys” as they buy up old Titon missile silos to protect themselves from the apocalypse?
    Their afraid of all those who provided the infrastructure and opportunity for them to gain that wealth, you know, the “minions” that are their to support Gods chosen (the haves).
    I agree with you in the issue of hate, but it’s a symptom, not the disease.
    My take on it.

  3. G

    Rabbi Joel R. Schwartzman

    The outbreak of hate was simmering for decades ever since the KKK got dismantled by law enforcement. It took the election of Obama twice to bring those hidden racists attitudes to the surface. You had Republicans who refuse to work with Obama right from the start and they made that clear since day one and publicity boasted to make him a one term president.

  4. Ironmoped

    I’d go one further and say that hate came with the puritans. It’s inculcated in the American culture, you know, that mythical rugged individualism that we pride ourselves on?
    No argument from me on the Obama comment – I agree.

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