The Rhetoric About a “Decline” in Religious Liberty Is Good News for Americans

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  1. Stryper777

    Murdering babies in the womb is not religious freedom and Christian owners of business should not have give health insurance that violates their religious convictions.

    Oh yeah, Biden will never make it to the oval office, either he will be dead from a heart attack, killed by Hillary or in prison before that happens.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Are you (theatrical gasp) prognosticating Stryper777?

    You do know what the Christian holy book (aka Bible) has to say about those who are wrong in their predictions, correct?

    Narrator – Like all things biblical, death by stoning is a popular punishment.

    Grey One – Stoning – not just for the ghayz and heathens amirite?

  3. G

    Well, Stryper 777, if Christian business owners including televangelists and religious organizations like the Catholic Church don’t believe in giving health insurance, then they need to be stripped of their business license and no longer get any kind of tax breaks and subsidies. Having a business license is a privilege, not a right.

    Murdering environmental activists, striking workers, and union leaders violates the 5th Commandment; yet, corporate leaders have been doing it for nearly 200 years since capitalism came into existence.

  4. Mark Sebree


    I would like to make one minor correction in what you wrote. Capitalism did not come into existence 200 years ago. It has been in existence since man first started bartering for things he wanted at least 10,000 years ago. If you search through the history of civilization, you will find many people who were not nobility, but were very wealth through trading and/or controlling guilds.

    The control of goods leads to the control of funds. And the nobility, up to and including the monarchs, needed funds to finance their endeavors, especially wars. These funds usually came from the “moneyed class”, basically commoners or minor gentry who made money by “getting their hands dirty” in the trades. Honestly, a significant number of noble families originally bought their titles because the kong needed the money. These people could also be king’s advisors or on the king’s council because of their wealth.

    Other than the timeline, I pretty much agree with your assessment.

  5. wwertman


    You might want to have some ammunition before engaging in a battle of wits and knowledge.

    First read Matthew 5:17 – 21.

    Then look up what The Law on abortion is and was. You know doubt are as aware of the Mishnah as Jesus was. Partial birth abortion is mandatory at times under the laws pertaining to pursuers. Mary also arguably had the right and perhaps even the duty to abort Jesus given that he was the product of either rape or adultery.

    Also, by your own argument, you agree that if I were your employer I could deny health plan coverage for anything you do that violates my religion. This includes lawn work and cooking mishaps or traffic accidents on a Saturday. That ER visit for a twisted ankle playing softball is a personal problem. You also would not be covered for the heart disease from your traife diet.

    So, you might want to process that this is not a simple discussion in the least and that your own arguments can come back to bite you. You missed the question of why MY religion should control YOUR life in a secular employment situation.

  6. G


    I agreed with much of what you said; however, according to the Marxist professor Richard Wolff, capitalism came into existence about the 17th century; however, I was referring to how the business leaders were suppressing and even killing labor leaders and striking workers since the late 19th century.

  7. Ironmoped

    Are you off your meds again?

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