Three Generations of My Family


Just wanted to thank you and the MRFF org. for doing all that you guys do for the military and veterans.

The MRFF has now helped out my dad, me and my daughter.

Three generations of (last name withheld).

All of us are USMC veterans and my daughter is still active duty USMC.

Please keep our names out of any exposure for my daughter’s sake.

But we all cannot express enough thanks to the MRFF!

Happy Birthday to the Corps!

Happy Veterans Day!



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  1. G

    So much for all this Marine talk about semper fi and keeping their honor clean when you have three generations of marines have to turn to MRFF for help. The marines can certainly be rotten to the core within its own corp.

  2. Patriot Pastor

    God, Corps, Country! The Marines in my family lived by and honored.

  3. G

    Yeah sure PP. Your family didn’t seem to teach you about being a good Christian. When it came to you, they flunked.

  4. Mark Sebree


    Of course, if you were actually a patriot, you would know that you have the order reversed. The priority for any active duty military person is “Country, Corps, god”. You take your oath to uphold the Constitution of the USA, not your deity’s “laws”, and your branch of service’s regulations are based on the laws of the USA, and also supersede your deity’s “laws”.

    The fact of the matter, and the fact that you cannot accept, is that your beliefs do not apply to anyone else. Nobody else is beholden to them. And nobody is required to respect them. That puts them far, far below any law in the USA, be it Constitutional, federal, state, city, or county.

    You are free to follow any mythology you want, and believe in any mythical being that you want. You are not free to try to force anyone else to follow your beliefs, including using the government to overtly or covertly favor them.

  5. ironmoped

    Speaking of God’s Laws, let’s look at a few:

    1. I am the lord thy God! That’s sounding a little insecure don’tcha think?
    2. Thou shalt have no other Gods before me! Now he’s really sounding insecure!
    3. Thou shalt not make graven images! OK, he’s insecure! Dude’s got problems!
    4. Remember the Sabbath (because that’s HIS day)! Yep, definitely needs treatment!
    7. Thou shalt not commit adultery! Unless…..she’s a Jewish virgin bride! Just sayin.
    10. Thou shalt not covet (thy neighbor’s wife)! Unless..again..she’s a Jewish virgin bride.

    And the most important (unspoken) Commandment: “Do as I say, not as I do!”

    Diagnosis: TOMS – Troubled Old Man Syndrome, prevalent with narcissistic disorders
    Treatment: Years of therapy and psychotropic drugs! Shaving the beard may help!
    Prognosis: Not good! Mental impairment for many years! Needs to be isolated to prevent spread to vulnerable populations – especially in the United States!

    Maybe I should start a church (New Covenant Universalism, NCU) – You know, spruce God up a bit, bring him a little more up to date. Trim the beard (hipster maybe?), have him work out a bit, tone the abs, add some biceps, beef up the pecs, maybe change his skin tone so he’s not so white, create a more contemporary version than the old white guy hanging out in the clouds (Michelangelo’s version on the ceiling of the Sistine chapel), and update the rules so he doesn’t appear so narcissistic. Prolly make a fortune! 🙂

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