“Make Christmas Great Again” Red Baseball Hat

Dear the MRFF,

We all would like to thank you for intervening into the hot controversy in our military unit when our supervisor (name and rank withheld) began wearing a red baseball hat which looked just like Trump’s MAGA hat.

But instead of MAGA on it the hat carried the message “Make Christmas Great Again”.

Our military supervisor is a huge Trump fan and never stops talking about it.

He is also a huge Jesus fan and also never stops talking about that.

Since he outranks us and is asshole buddies with our unit’s EEO and IG folks there wasn’t much we could do.

As we work in a secure area we could not get any pictures of him wearing the red “Make Christmas Great Again” baseball hat.

There are 14 of us in this group that asked MRFF to take our complaints for action.

10 of us are Christians and 1 of us is Jewish and the other 3 identify as just no religious preference.

We contacted Mr. Weinstein in the evening and told him what was happening.

He told us how wrong it was for our military supervisor to be wearing that hat in the way he was doing it and he asked for the contact information for our supervisor’s commander.

Next morning we noticed that the hat was no longer anywhere to be seen! And our supervisor would not even make eye contact with any of us.

Mr Weinstein had called our commander in the early morning to demand that our supervisor be ordered to never wear that hat again in our duty area and during duty hours.

Mr. Weinstein told us that our commander had promised to comply with the demand and agreed that the wearing of that hat was not to be allowed.

None of us felt as though we could object personally to our military supervisor without facing his payback.

Mr. Weinstein had also demanded that our supervisor be disciplined for his attempts to get us all to vote for Trump and to become Christians like him.

No word on that part yet.

Thank you & big shout-out to the MRFF for taking this on for us and getting us the WIN!

We will all be so grateful always to the MRFF!

(names, ranks, MOS, unit and installation of Active Duty Military Members all withheld)

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  1. Jared Russell Atkinson

    Since when is it acceptable to 1. Wear a non-regulation cap while in uniform and on duty and 2. Wear a hat inside a building (assuming it was)?

  2. G

    That supervisor should be court-martial for being out of uniform.

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