You are an idiot. I am quite sure you hear that a lot. You are no different than republicans, fighting every way that they can to retain some relevance. Your mission is outdated and not needed.  As if tying the Air Force Academy with the inserection is not far fetched enough, you try to do so using Christianity? As if the Air Force was any more represented on 1-6 than any other organization and actually, if you were to use proper ratios as in per capita, they were clearly underrepresented. There were doctors, lawyers, CEO’s, police, fire, politicians and likely people from all work places in the capital that day. You are quite lucky people on the left can be such suckers and are stuck staring at your window and failing to look inside, because if they did, they would see a money hungry jewish man fighting christianity wrapped in his freedom blanket. So go ahead, pat yourself on the back for fooling a bunch of old people on the left, not everyone is a sucker and someday you will be left standing naked in that window (GOD bless us all at that sight). And I am fucking atheist .


BTW, stating everywhere that chrisitans make up a good part of the people that come to you for help is merely admittance that you know what you are doing is wrong. It is no different than racists that claim to have black friends. I hope you are sued someday for that sladerer that you clearly are, continually knocking an entire organization to try and line your fat pockets. I don’t know what kind of money you are paying for your press releases either, but you are clearly paying people off because they are horrible reads.


All the Best!
(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Advisory Board Member Mike Farrell
On Jan 12, 2021, at 10:09 PM, Mike wrote:


Hey (name withheld),
Your message was difficult to read and impossible to understand. I suggest your first sentence should have been ‘I am an idiot.’ That way we’d have been warned and could have readied ourselves for the task of slogging through the muddiness that seems to pass for thought in whatever universe it is that you inhabit.
Having nonetheless taken the time to dredge through your muck-filled screed in search of even something irrational but close to a statement or thought worth considering, I find myself in a quandary. Should I pretend to understand your incomprehensible gibberish or should I instead press ahead with a response to what I can only intuit based on an attempt to absorb some meaning from your scrawl.
So here’s what I get:
1) You’re upset about something about which you have absolutely no understanding. There’s no surprise there, as it appears understanding, like communicating, is not your long suit.
2) You lack comprehension of the mission and the functions of the MRFF. Again, no surprise. The MRFF is a civil rights organization dedicated to the protection of the freedom of religious or non-religious belief of the women and men in the military. That’s twenty-seven words, one hyphenated. Probably tough for you.
3) Though you claim to be non-religious, you are defensive of Christianity even though no one here is attacking Christianity or Christians.
4) You apparently draw some comfort in discussing ratios without any semblance of a point.
5) You either live behind n or believe others live behind windows.
6) You present “I am fucking atheist” as if it were a sentence that means something. It is not and does not. Should we assume ‘fucking’, in that usage, is an adjactive or a verb?
7) You mis-identify yourself as an atheist, if that’s what you’re trying to do. What you are is an anti-Semite.
Mike Farrell
(MRFF Board of Advisors)

Response from MRFF Supporter Steven Dundas

Response from MRFF Founder and President Mikey Weinstein
…awwwww you seem upset little fella, hmmm??….say, what’s wrong….?…there, there now……are you still haunted by that little Jewish girl 2nd grader who kicked your candy ass on the playground when you were in 5th grade??   🙂

Response from MRFF Board Member John Compere
On Jan 13, 2021, at 9:03 AM, John Compere  wrote:


To “All the Best! (name withheld)” –
Your acrimonious and asinine anti-Semitic & anti-American attack against a fellow American, military veteran & USAF Academy honor graduate you do not even know reflects only on yourself & reveals a misinformed malcontent incapable of civil & coherent communication.
Your egregious email is an example of why the Military Religious Freedom Foundation (a non-profit constitutional rights organization) exists. We proudly & patriotically protect the right of military men & women (including military academy members) to determine, practice & enjoy their own beliefs (religious or non-religious) free from insidious interference by radical religionists who disrespect their right & impose uninvited & unwanted religious beliefs upon them in the military environment creating distraction & disruption. For your information, it is known as American freedom of belief provided all military members by the US Constitution & US Armed Forces regulations. It represents a sacred shield of personal protection – not a self-righteous sword of pious privilege.
The cause of the Anti-American anarchy & domestic terrorism attack on America’s Capitol was covered centuries ago by Enlightenment Philosopher VOLTAIRE –  “Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.”
Brigadier General John Compere, US Army (Retired)
Disabled American Veteran (Vietnam Era)
Board Member, Military Religious Freedom Foundation (over 80% Christians)

From: (name withheld)
Subject: Wrong Impression
Date: January 13, 2021 at 3:28:23 PM MST


I  was greatly humbled today when having the opportunity to speak with Mikey. I was functioning with some ideas about MRFF that I let escalade to the point where I felt I needed to contact him. You see, I felt MRFF was attacking some of our country’s greatest institutions, our prestigious military academies. Mikey, to my surprise, did not cower, deflect, or ignore and took myself and my ideas head on, and boy did he ever teach me things I am happy to have learned. MRFF is actually part of the great institutions, not part as in partnered or working with, part as in family. I learned a great deal about the hate he and his family had to endure and continues to endure while pursuing his mission to help others (something that never even occurred to me). Mikey is not fighting to tear anything down, nor is he even fighting for himself, he is fighting for others in need of help to have their voices heard. No one, anywhere, especially the workplace, should be subject to anyone elses religious ideals or HATE and if you think it is easy to fight hate, you have not been personally attacked by the hate. If one of your job requirements is fighting hate, the best defense is to have a great offense, something I never considered when reading writings released by MRFF. I listened to an example of religious hate sent to Mikey/MRFF via telephone and it was all I could do to stomach it. The only question I had remaining after learning about Mikey, his mission and MRFF’s mission, is how did people recieve help from religious extremes and hate before MRFF existed? I shudder to think of the answer. So please, if you are a good person and have questions about what MRFF is doing, ASK. Everything Mikey and MRFF is doing appears to be greatly from heart, so again, whatever questions you may have, especially if you think MRFF is in any way bad or hurtful for any reason, ask. Chances are great, that you have the wrong idea(s), I know I did.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter
To (name withheld):
I just read your turnaround email to Mikey. You are lucky to have spoken with him to find out the truth about MRFF. I found out about MRFF about 10 years ago and have been a supporter ever since. In your email, you asked what did people do before MRFF was established about 15 years ago. I think I can answer your question.
I joined the US Air Force a little over 54 years ago. At my first permanent base, I was supervised for office details by a staff sergeant, with me a lowly E-2. Learning that I was Jewish, he insisted that I attend his church. I refused. He then assigned me to clean the latrine. As I was working he would come in and tell me I didn’t have to clean the latrine if I came to his church. I refused again. Then he started to get abusive by telling me to stick my hand in the bowl to spit-shine it. I realized I could be stuck with this guy for my entire 4-year enlistment so I decided to put in for a transfer. Where in the world to get fast orders in 1967? I put in for Vietnam and got it. I got there in time to see the Bob Hope show a few days before Xmas.
Now, when I am about to turn 74, I still believe it was probably one of the best decisions of my life. That is why I whole-heartedly support Mikey and the MRFF. Believe me when I say the situations have gotten worse since my experience.
Thanks for reading.

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  1. Sage on the Hudson

    “As if tying the Air Force Academy with the inserection is not far fetched enough, you try to do so using Christianity?”

    It’s hard to respond to the above letter, as most of it is incoherent. I’ll just say this:

    The word is spelled INSURRECTION and, yes, those at the AFA or anywhere else who participated in the actions of January 6 on Capitol Hill, or support them in any way, are guilty of insurrection.

  2. Cas

    I have to say that I was deeply impressed by Fr Dundas’ letter in reply to “Name Withheld” It was a beautiful balance of compassion, reason, and principle. Reminded me of Proposition 43, Book 3, The Ethics, by Spinoza. And I appreciated “Name Withheld” ‘s last reply. Ditto remembrance… Thank you. It gives me hope.

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