Your open letter

From: USAFA Grad, Class of ’63 (Name Withheld)
Subject: Your open letter
Date: January 12, 2021 at 12:35:00 PM MST
To: [email protected]


I am a USAFA grad class of 1963. I greatly appreciated your open letter, which mentioned USAFA grads who were part of Trump’s riot on Capitol Hill.

The new Superintendent is having a conference call on Thursday. If you did not get an email, you can sign up here:

The Supe invited grads to submit a question. Here’s what I wrote: “I was greatly disturbed to hear that a USAFA graduate was among the rioters at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Does the Academy intend to sanction this individual to demonstrate that graduates who have sworn to protect and defend the Constitution of the United States must live up to that solemn promise?”

If the airlines can put rioters on No Fly lists, it seems to me the least the Academy should do is prohibit those grads who broke into the Capitol from ever participating in a reunion or other event at USAFA or under the auspices of a USAFA-affiliated organization.

I asked the question but did not want to suggest an answer. I want to hear what the Supe will do.

USAFA Grad, Class of ’63 (Name Withheld)

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  1. I am not an Academy graduate or have a military background. However, as an airline pilot for 40 years, flew with hundreds of former military pilots.
    Majority of whom were honorable and exceptional individuals. I did run into a few nut cases who were Academy graduates!
    Every one of them wore their religion on their sleeves and wrapped themselves in a flag.
    Apparently this is what happens when a higher educational institution is turned into a Madrasah!

  2. G

    “Apparently this is what happens when a higher educational institution is turned into a Madrasah!”

    Or when you have evangelists like Pat Robinson creating their own hard-core Christian schools and creating bias curriculum to the determinant of the nation and to their students,

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