CS Indy: AFA grad Larry Brock’s backers seek legal defense funds, labeling him ” a Christ follower”

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1 Comment

  1. Ironmoped

    Comments on Larry Brock, the AFA grad. Friends and family are begging for donations to helpwith his legal defense of his participation in insurrection at our Nation’s Capital. These Christ loving pull yourselves up by your own bootstraps Republicans are laughable in how they preach taking responsibility but cry like little babies when the “establishment” comes after them. This fucking idiot storks the capital in full “battle rattle” with zip ties in hand. Wonder what those zip ties were for? His lame ass story that he “found them on the Capital floor and were holding them to turn into law enforcement – who the fuck is this “one of the Air Force’s finest” trying to kid? As Trump’s minions like convicted felon Mike Flynn would say, “lock him up!”
    He’s a follower of Jesus! How the fuck could ANY Lieutenant Colonel be so fucking stupid? And an Academy graduate no less. I feel sorry for Mikey that he has to be associated with an Academy that is very obviously putting out a failed product!
    As a more senior military officer, he has to be held to a higher standard, you know, as an Air Force “Leader!”
    The presumption is that this guy was smart enough to make it through the Air Force Academy and smart enough to progress through the military to a relatively high military position, but he wasn’t smart enough to know what he was participating in? With zip ties in hand? And what would the crowd have done with any Democrats that he happened to have secured with this zip ties he was carrying?
    He should he licked up for the rest of his life, particularly given his former military position and with the full awareness of what he was doing! LOCK HIS ASS UP and send a message to all future AFA grads that you reap what you sow! You know, a favorite Republican saying, ” don’t do the crime if you can’t pay the time!”
    And for all you fundamentalist but bags that claimed God was going to give Trump another four years, did you get the memo? If God could control who gets elected, then he obviously chose Joe Biden’s – end of story. The man in the White House is who God wanted to be there………Or he wouldn’t fucking be there!

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