Lighthouse Baptist Church Pastor Brian Dunlop Attacks Mikey Weinstein

Click to Watch: Lighthouse Baptist Church Pastor Brian Dunlop Attacks Mikey Weinstein

Segment is approximately 2 minutes in length from 23:34-25:35


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  1. Grey One Talks Sass


    Listening to that man run through his talk was an experience I do not ever wish to repeat. The five minutes I tolerated were enough, and he goes on like this for an hour? Yoiks!!!

    Here’s my thought – Christianists have been in power for so long they forgot the USA was founded upon secular law. They tweaked history to match their narrative, vilified or killed anyone who didn’t fit into their Christian Nationalist box, and got away with their bullying ways for so long they now think it’s their right to behave as they do.

    As I listened to the rapid patter of the preachers delivery I was reminded of an abusive partner blaming the victim for speaking out against the abuse. (Hey, it’s not MY fault you make me hit you!) (Grrrrrr – I do not like those who take advantage)

    To the preacher, Mikey calling out Christianists for their deplorable behavior is far worse than the myriad atrocities Christianists commit violating their oath to defend the Constitution. Shoving their religion into places it doesn’t belong isn’t a right; it’s out of control privilege and yet, these Christianists believe to their core their privilege is a right being taken away.

    I didn’t listen further to see if there was a call for self reflection. Pretty sure in this preachers eyes the world is a poorer place because We The People acknowledge the rights of anyone Christianists believe to be unworthy. Self reflection and bigotry are sadly mutually exclusive.

    I’ve said it before – when all expressions of religion are banned from the public square it will be due to the actions of Christianists who won’t learn to share. Public means everyone, not just those the Christianists deem worthy. They’ve had their two millennium. Time for a new avatar.

    Rant over.

  2. Grey One Talks Sass

    Also – and too – the speaker pronounced coup as coop. Ugh!!!!!!!!!!

    As I’ve been told by mansplainers ad nauseam, presentation matters. So this privileged so and so gets to murder language and still keep the respect of their people? Hmmmm. I’m beginning to question the motives of humans in my past (maybe some snark).

    (OK – a full peck of snark).

  3. Hazelspami

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  4. Stryper777

    God bless pastor who preach the truth like this pastor and calls out the scum of the earth like Mikey Weinstein. Mikey has earned the title now of “Jihadi Jew”

  5. G

    No, Stryper 777, it is the pastor and others like him who are the scum of the earth.

  6. Ironmoped

    You mean Jihadi Jew like the one you pray to?
    You know, that brown skinned Jew named Jesus.
    The little bastard born out of wedlock from a one night stand with his virgin mother? His birth the result of a non consensual act of impregnation?

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