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A few weeks ago I was going through “Freedom’s Front Door” trying to join a Reserve Component of the Armed Forces.  While I was on the bus that takes applicants for the military service from the hotel to the MEPS facility, I noticed that Christian music was playing over the speakers.
As I already work in government service (and having caught the bug is why I’m joining the Armed Forces), I knew that it was extremely inappropriate and downright illegal.  However as anyone who has ever worked for the Government knows, DoD is a massive behemoth and as just a mere applicant, I had no idea who to go to.  I tried going to one of my Senators, but they wouldn’t have been able to protect my identity – I don’t want a reputation as a troublemaker before I’ve even sworn in after all!
I emailed the MRFF’s info address and not even 5 minutes later, I was astonished when my phone rang and there you were on the other end.  I was not expecting that.  But we went over the details of where and when it occurred, and the very next business day, after you made quite a few emails and phone calls to MEPCOM, a written apology from the vendor that MEPCOM uses for transportation services was obtained and assurances were given that this would not happen again.
Now I myself am a Catholic, so I can’t say that I personally was offended, but MEPS is already unpleasant enough and I can’t imagine how a non-Christian applicant would have felt in that environment.
Mikey, you resolved the situation quickly and to everyone’s satisfaction.  The relationship between humanity and the absolute; where we find ourselves between nothing and infinity; where we come from and our ultimate destiny – intensely personal and emotional matters and the disputes between people’s answers here have been the cause of much suffering and bloodshed in human history.  The notion in the United States, that we agree to disagree and that the State secures this right by being neutral in such matters is beautiful – it is worth fighting for.  You and your organization are to be commended for your work in helping defend those who put their lives on the line to defend the right to respectfully disagree.
Thank you again.


(MRFF Client’s name withheld)






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