Anti-Jewish Church Discussion Group Meeting Yesterday in Colorado Springs

Hello to the good people at the MRFF.

Thanks Mr. Weinstein for taking my call this morning.
I did not expect you would answer your own phone so I was glad to get the chance to talk with you.

I am following up with this e-mail to put what I told you on our call in writing.
But please do not release our name or phone number, address or e-mail address or any other identity information.

I just wanted you all to know what happened yesterday after our weekly Sunday church service.

My family, children and I live in Monument Colorado and we attend a large Christian church nearby in Colorado Springs.
My husband is in the military and works at the Air Force Academy. He is a graduate of the Academy in the class of (USAFA Class year withheld)
We have gone to this church for several years.

Often after the Sunday service there is a discussion group which is really often just a follow on Bible study session mostly.

But yesterday the whole discussion was about the veterans memorial in our town’s cemetery put there by the Boy Scout for his Eagle Scout project.

More to the point the discussion was about you and the Military Religious Freedom Foundation.

My husband and I were just totally shocked at the appalling attacks made against you personally as well as the MRFF.

As I said on the phone what upset me and my husband the most were the very anti-Jewish statements made by so many including some of our church leaders and their spouses.
My husband and I just looked at each other in disbelief?

We didn’t say anything but now feel badly that we should have.

People we never thought would say such horrible things about you and Jews said them openly.
And over and over.
It just made us sick to hear this.

We finally left early it got so bad. We wanted to go home to check out any of this online.

After seeing the news article about it on the MRFF website my husband and I agree that this veterans memorial is unconstitutional as it currently exists.
And it is also violating the military regulations for openly displaying the seals of the various military branches.

We just wanted you to know that we support you and the MRFF on this matter.
Which is why I called you this morning.

My family is considering leaving our church now because of the mean and anti-Jewish language used by the many people in the discussion group.
However we don’t want any blowback about this.
And given the awful things said about you and the MRFF it seems that it would be pretty likely.

If we hear anymore anti-Jewish bigotry coming from anyone about this we will speak up and not be silent.
As we were yesterday. We are sorry we sat there and didn’t say anything.

Thank you and the MRFF for all of what you do. We are so sorry that people we had respected say these bad things about you and the MRFF out of fear and ignorance.

And we hope our town of Monument will do the right thing and move the monument and take off the military branch signs on it too.

(name, address, phone number and E-Mail address all withheld)


Response from a MRFF Supporter

About a year ago, I was in a Bible study with members of my church.  One of the members brought up the Lawsuit with the Manchester VAMC.  They claimed that this was “persecution of Christians”.  The gentleman who brought it up read my name but thought it was someone different.  I educated them all on the real issue and why I felt as I do.  I was happy to tell them my reasons and why I felt it was my ‘duty’ to enlighten my friends on the entire situation and a brief history of the MRFF.  I can’t speak for this person and how she felt about the discussion  but I do hope she and her family take the courage of God and go back to the people and educate them about God’s Chosen People and the true mission of the MRFF.  To leave the church without saying something is giving in to satan.  The people involved, especially if leaders in the church, may be corrupting others to their way of thinking.  She and her family will be in my prayers.  Bless you Brother.  🙂 🙂 †

(MRFF Supporter)

Response from a MRFF Supporter

   That’s awesome that this person took the time to tell you what they experienced—our country is so polarized now and sadly, I think conservative churches are worse now than a few years ago. In many ways, not that you have the time, but it’s not just the military that is experiencing this—civilian churches are also becoming so dualistic and judgmental that people are forgetting the principles of love and compassion.
    You bring people hope and equity, and for that you are punished.  I definitely can relate as I continue to be suspended from the church for basically being an outspoken woman.  Keep on being you!  
    You and your family are an inspiration!
(name withheld)

Response from a MRFF Supporter

I think that people say bad things not out of fear; but more out of group think. Ignorance is hardly an excuse. From my experience with people who attend Church in the Springs, after having lived there for four years, I am confident in saying that they are probably neither poor nor deprived of access to education. I am not shocked. I am more determined than ever to stand firmly for the U.S. Constitution and religious freedom. I hope that my small financial contribution to MRFF and also to the ACLU are providing some help. But it is going to take a major educational effort to bring the truth to extremists, especially those who are comfortable in their circumstances. People like the writers of this letter give me hope that the wall of ignorance and religious and also racial bigotry is recognized where it festers and helps nobody. Ecumenical progress is essential. When Christians are asked to turn the other cheek; they are essentially being told to face reality; not to turn away from it.

One reason for my leaving the Springs was the conviction that I would not want to be that close to the epicenter of the problem for the rest of my life. Even the good things; and they are legion; do not offer me enough personal comfort to live there again. Colorado Springs destroys souls.

(name withheld)

Response from MRFF Supporter

The second post about the military- there’s a group of West Point Grads who established a group called Restoring Honor to confront what we’ve seen happen among USMA grads. 

While you’ve been experiencing and calling out religious extremism for what, nearly 20 years, the repercussions of the fermentation are now an infestation. Can’t imagine what it would be like were it not for MRFF’s incredible work these past two decades….
Keep the strength, Mikey….
So grateful for you!
(name withheld)



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  1. Anonymous

    “Colorado Springs destroys souls”

    Rarely does a statement resonate with me but that is the simple truth of the matter. I have lived here for quite some time and I’ve been hearing racism and anti-semitism all my life. I thought as I got older I would hear less and less, but instead it has only gotten worse and worse.

    I have many friends who recently fell very deeply into faith and among them are some of the worst offenders, I don’t even know what to do anymore or how I can even try to get them to change their feelings. I feel more and more isolated in this town as time goes on, and it has destroyed any faith in anything I might have had at this point in my life. I saw some of my best friends basically advocating destroying all jews after a decently long period of not seeing them, and these guys aren’t even white.

    How did things get this bad? How do I get the hell out of here? Should I stay and try to be a voice of reason even though it increasingly seems more and more dangerous? I really don’t know anymore….

  2. Bs walker

    Sad to say we raised our son without religion except for empathy and compassion for people and living things. 5 years in the Army stationed at the Springs changed him into a Trump loving anti Semite. He was so deep into facism and right wing propaganda that the Army got rid of him, he got an honorable discharge but he’ll never get my respect for his service. There is a pernicious undercurrent of anti semitism and racism in the armed forces and it’s not getting better as witnessed by the Jan 06th seditious attack by veterans.

  3. G

    @Bs Walker

    It is funny how anit-Semite was so rampant in the USA and Europe before the Second World War and then it came back so quickly after the war had ended. The 1947 movie Crossfire really hit a nerve with the American public when it came out.

  4. Ironmoped

    To Anonymous,
    The answer is to leave! Stay and try to make it better? Try to get them to listen to a voice of reason? They’re fucking delusional! Their brains are physically different and incapable of reason. Go somewhere you don’t have to explain anything to the likes of these morons. Spain is pretty nice! Very European. Civilized. They have great healthcare that you can buy into a lot cheaper than insurance here in the US. Very reasonable cost of living. I like all of Europe but, generally, it’s more expensive. Portugal is great! Malta is great if you want a good life (although an Island). Costa Rica, Mexico has a very large expat community (if they’ll let us in after Trump’s bullshit)! Lots of places to go. The US military has been co-opted into a modern day crusading fraternity, primarily Christian zealots! Fundamentalist assholes! Get away from them!

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