MRFF Supporter’s On Point Retort Letter to First Liberty Institute Counsel’s Letter to MRFF Demanding Apology

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  1. Patriot Pastor

    Mikey does need to apologize to this young Eagle Scout. Mikey is showing what a Kapo Jew he really is and disgusting human being. I posted an article today about this very same thing on my social media accounts along with Mikey’s personal email address. I hope he is ready for his inbox to be flooded.

  2. Grey One talks sass

    Ah Patriot Pastor, the ignorant Christianist. How are your reading for comprehension lessons going? Last we tangled you owned yourself in such a spectacular way I’m surprised you showed up here again.

    (Oh yeah, you have no shame. Or honor – doxing is not cool PP).

    I’ve heard the demand for Mikey to apologize several times. Not sure what he needs to apologize for as he and the MRFF are following the rules.

    That said, the following collection of words has been rattling around the old noggin for a bit. Here is my take on an apology letter to the Eagle Scout at the center of all this bruhaha.

    I’m sorry Eagle Scout you’ve been told you are under attack by Atheists. That is not the case at all. Good citizens in the military of all faiths rely on the Constitution to ensure everyone is playing by the rules. When someone breaks those rules, well, then the MRFF steps in to ensure fairness prevails. Your monument, beautiful it may be, violates some important rules which is sad because now the focus is on the rule breaking instead of the memorial honoring your father.

    Eagle Scout Carlson, I apologize for the adults which surround you. Your troop leaders and advisors along with city planners and government had an opportunity to show you how an adult works with people of faith other than your own and to a person they failed you. How can you be the best that Scouting has to offer when your teachers and advisors are deceiving you? Due diligence (making sure a project passes legal inspection) was either not completed or discovery was ignored because of the adults personal agenda. They let you go forward. They set you up to fail.

    As I see it (and my dad was an Eagle Scout) all the bad guidance provided means your project does not do what you wanted it to do. When people look at it they won’t see the work you put into it – they will only see the controversy and bad faith decisions made by the adults who surround you. Their lack of consideration for your career and life goals makes me weep.

    I apologize for pointing out such a harsh judgement for such a young man but there is a learning opportunity here. Sometimes the people around you are not there to help you but to promote their own agenda. Learning how to identify such folks now can only help you later in life.

    Again, Eagle Scout Carlson, I am extremely sorry the adults around you were such failures at guiding you to be your best you.

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