Director of Jewish Welfare Board Jewish Chaplains Council Rabbi Irv Elson Thanks Mikey/MRFF For Leadership on Article from Camp LeJeune

Published On: April 28, 2021|Categories: MRFF's Inbox, Top News|2 Comments|

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After serving 35 years as a Navy Chaplain and rabbi, the actions of this particular individual struck me to the core. How can a Navy chaplain, of any faith, have the total lack of awareness of the diversity of our Navy and write that article for what was clearly a public website? 
Thank you MRFF’s leadership on this issue.
Rabbi Irv Elson

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  1. Watchman for Zion 48 May 16, 2021 at 11:07 pm

    Well Rabbi Elson,
    Get used to it, Jews as well as everyone on this planet put Christ to death because of our sins. Everyone needs to ask His forgiveness for our sins that put Him there. The good news is that He went there willingly for you, me and all of mankind. Just because one is Jewish, does not give him a free pass to heaven, you must confess your sins, repent and accept Christ as your Lord and Messiah.

  2. ironmoped May 18, 2021 at 5:15 pm

    Watchman for Zion????? WTF?
    Another mythical tale by another severely deluded Christian.
    Got news for you – “He” (Christ), didn’t go there willingly (on the cross, according to the tale).
    And why would you ask a bastard “stuckee” for anything, much less forgiveness? Forgiveness for what?
    The Christian God should be asking forgiveness from Man for knocking up another man’s wife, for killing every living thing on the planet, for destroying cities and towns, etc. I mean, this dude is seriously deranged! Bit of a perv too watching little kids getting raped by clergy and doing nothing about it! How ’bout all the abortions he causes daily? Or the children he lets be born with serious congenital defects?
    If you actually believe the Christian “good book (I prefer AC Grayling’s), it was his father that put him on the cross! He was going there anyway as part of the supreme ordination!
    He really put him there (on the cross) because having an adulterous affair with another man’s virgin wife (against his own rules), that produced offspring, was a stain on his legacy! Killing has never been a problem for the Christian God. Remember Abraham? “Hey Abraham! Bring me your kid! I need a burnt offering!”
    Had nothing to do with saving anyone but himself, he was “supremely” embarrassed by the whole affair!

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